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Fun summer party ideas that kids and adults will enjoy

Written By Ryan Barrett Summer Party ideas? Maybe your mouth starts to contort uncomfortably thinking about it. The blazing never ending three-month inferno about to engulf your life. Or is it a smile that runs across your face? Because the snow has melted, things are in bloom and it’s daily poolside time. Whether you’re looking forward to it, or want to crawl back into that hole for winter hibernation, summer is coming. This means

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bath bombs for kids

15+ Best Bath Bombs For Kids Gift Set [Ultimate Guide]

Written By Ryan Barrett Bath bombs, specifically bath bombs for kids, are the most important thing in your bathroom. Is this a controversial statement? More important than toothpaste or deodorant. Maybe not for you, but how about your little one? Do they care about clean teeth? Smelling good? Or bubbles? If you have a bathtub, you probably realize the importance of bubbles in your existence! Even more so if you are a parent! Sure

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17 Pool Floats You Need To Chill Out This Summer 

When the scorching summer temps hit, there’s one thing that pops into everyone’s mind: “just get me to the pool!” And we know swimming laps is great for you and all, but lounging on quality pool floats can make pool time SO. MUCH. BETTER. If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, our SLOOSH line of pool floats for adults and kids are just the ticket to chill-ville. Grab a hat, shades, and

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11 Best Beach Toys for Kids this Summer 2022

We all know the summer can be long and hot. So, hopefully, a beach vacation is in your future. One where you can relax and work on your tan, all while taking in the calming sounds of the ocean waves. That all sounds like a dream, right? While beach days sound great in theory (because they are!) the reality could be more stressful with children in tow. Because you need to A. watch them

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swimwear for kids

5 Best Tips To Know When Buying Swimwear for Kids

As the weather heats up, it’s that time to start prepping for the fun outdoor summer activities coming up ahead. And sizzlin’ summer temperatures means lots of water playtime. Kids grow fast, so it’s likely you’ll need to replenish your child’s swimsuits this summer. So make sure your little ones are stocked with new kids’ swimsuits and swimwear so they are ready to go as soon as that last bell of the school year

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18 Water Toys to Beat the Heat

Hey all you Moms out there! Summer is quickly approaching you know what that means…a long summer break with your kiddos. We feel that. Finding activities to keep them occupied can seem like a challenge, but what’s one thing we can all agree on? That cooling off and having fun in the water is mandatory! Whether it’s at the pool, beach, or even a backyard hose, there’s nothing like splashing around with all your

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3 Fun Ways To Turn a Basic Backyard into an Outdoor Play Area for Kids

Kids these days! When they have access to the world wide web on their phones or computer, how can anything else compare? Of course, they are probably not the only ones spending too much time online… Get outdoor and play! The world may be a big place, but even a small backyard has enough space to keep the kiddos entertained. Here are some ideas to help you expand their outdoor play horizons by turning

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