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From glow in the dark rock paints to DIY kite kits, we have plethoras of craft kits your little ones will love!

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From paper dolls to model airplanes craft kits for kids are a very old tradition. Being that it’s old some kits tend to be outdated and boring. That is why we have designed a bunch of innovative craft kits for your little ones. These kits provide a variety of different activities that are educational and inspirational at the same time!

Diy craft ideas

DIY crafts might seem like an easy thing to come up with, but anyone who has ever tried knows this is not the case. It is extremely difficult to make your DIY craft that will hold a child’s attention and entertain them at the same time. That’s why we have come up with various kinds of DIY crafts. These kits explore anything from model painting to window art stickers. Our ultimate goal is to create a wide range of DIY crafts so your kids will have many different options. They’ll be able to do a different craft every day of the week!

Scratch paper

What kid doesn’t love to draw? Sometimes though they might need a new medium to draw in. That’s why we have this wonderful scratch paper art kit. This wonderful scratch art kit comes with 88 pieces of scratch paper. You scratch it to reveal a rainbow pattern paper underneath. Kids will be jumping over the rainbow with this kit!

Color craft

For all the unicorns-lovers out there we took a unicorn color craft to the high level. This blow up unicorn craft kit comes with an blow up unicorn donning different patterns for the little ones to color in. Have them create their favorite my cute pony or magical character!

Diy & crafts

There’s nothing that kids love more than decorating. Decorating their school bags on the walls in their room. That’s why we came up with this decorate your own water bottle kit. With this kit, your kids will be able to constructively decorate their water bottles with various gem stickers