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From light sabers to animal puppets, with these kid role play toys your kids can be anything and anyone.

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Pretend play for kids begins when they are toddlers. Just as they can start mimicking things. When you see your two-year-old pretending to sweep like you it’s not just funny. It’s crucial to their development! Kid role play is vital in building a child’s communication skills. And not only does it help them develop language skills, but it expands their imagination! Whether your kids want to be animal puppeteers or fly to the moon in astronaut helmets, we offer all the props to boost their role-play!

Role play ideas for kids

There is pretty much an endless amount of kid role play ideas. If you have kids or are around them often, you’re well aware of this. Kids will use just about anything to act out their imaginings. While this is great and essential to a child’s development, it’d also be nice if they used something other than random items around the house in their play. Though using a cardboard box as a helmet is inventive, it also could be dangerous and messy. The last thing you want is to use mom’s lipstick as a microphone or paintbrush!

Kids pretend to be doctor

Playing doctor is an almost natural role play that nearly every kid does. Whether it’s operating on their friends, a pet, or even mom and dad. When a kid pretends to be a doctor it’s an essential childhood activity. That’s why created a 31-piece pretend doctor kit. Now, instead of using the random spoon for a surgical tool or your new white shirt for the surgical coat, they have this detailed set. This set is an excellent way to facilitate your child’s curiosity about playing doctor and the sciences in general!

Pretend play police officer

Like playing doctor, kids are often drawn to catching bad guys. Playing police officer. There’s nothing that kids seem to like more than being the hero. With our kids police costume they can feel like they’re playing the part even more! Just watch out, they might get so into that sooner than later mom and dad will be sitting behind a makeshift jail of cereal boxes and pillows!

Astronaut helmet

For a kid being an astronaut and playing one is the ultimate playtime, dream. Exploring space, fighting aliens, and discovering new planets are everything for many children. We see it everywhere, from Star Wars to Buzz Lightyear. And to placate our little Lightyears out there we offer a kids astronaut helmet. This is incredibly detailed with a moveable visor. With this astronaut costume kids will be leading missions to Mars in the backyard. Or rescue missions to the in your kitchen!

Kids firefighter costume

If it’s not a policeman kids want to be, it’s a fireman. There is something classic and in the consciousness of every child that draws them to rescue a cat out of a tree or save someone from a burning building. Our kids firefighter costume will not only encourage their firefighter heroism. It also encourages them to learn more about firefighters and their responsibilities. And with the detailed props, this set comes with they’ll expand their vocabulary of everything firefighter related!