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It’s been proven that childhood is the perfect period in a child’s life to introduce STEM toys. Exposing children to STEM at an earlier age through STEM toys and STEM kits fosters curiosity and enjoyment in math and science.  In effect STEM kits for kids are a perfect way to point your little one toward the fields of science and technology. Who knows, maybe you have the next Isaac Newton living under your roof!

Stem science kits

It could be that your kids are already doing their kinds of science experiments at home. You wake up to find a mess of food coloring, wet paper towels, and eggshells. Though that’s wonderful they are creative and curious it can be a constant headache in terms of cleanup. Our STEM science kits include everything a child needs to spark their imagination in the sciences. This lab kit comes with everything they need(even lab coats) to start practicing safe and imaginative experiments. 

Volcano kit

Like dinosaurs, kids are naturally attracted to volcanoes. They go boom and the lava is more than appealing to a kid’s eyes. Our erupting volcano kit will not only explore and develop their fascination with volcanoes but will also learn how a volcano works. This comes with everything you need in one box to develop cognitive skills and a love for geology at the same time!

Fossil dig kit

Your kids most likely love dinosaurs and rocks or both. However, how about fossils? Fossils are a great way to further a child’s understanding of dinosaurs, and the natural process of geology. Our fossil dig kit are a great way to develop your child’s understanding of the archeology and will take their love of Dinosuar Park to the high level.