Rubber Ducks

Whether you want Christmas rubber ducks, Halloween rubber ducks, or mini rubber ducks you can go rubber duck crazy for any occasion!

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Our selection of rubber ducks comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms! We even offer remote control rubber duck to keep the kids zoomin. Or bath bomb rubber duck to have bubbles and a toy all in one!

Rubber ducks in bulk

There are many options of rubber duck in bulk on our site to choose from. They come in 18 to 24 pieces and are spooky glow in the dark rubber duck. Or even a few different 24 piece Christmas rubber duck advent calendar options!

Halloween rubber ducks

We have a plethora of Halloween rubber duck you can imagine! Squeaky Frankensteins, duck-billed vampires, quacky witches and more! There’s even an 18 piece blind bag Halloween rubber duck set, where each rubber duck is a different design and you don’t know which one you’re going to get until the bag opens!

Christmas rubber ducks

What kid doesn’t like to take a hot bath during the winter months? For all the little ones out there that share a love of baths and Christmas we have an excellent selection of Christmas rubber duck.  We have a set of Santa, penguin, and gingerbread rubber duck or a few different rubber duck advent calendars to choose from! Come and get that merry rubber duck toy!