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17 Pool Floats You Need To Chill Out This Summer 

When the scorching summer temps hit, there’s one thing that pops into everyone’s mind: “just get me to the pool!” And we know swimming laps is great for you and all, but lounging on quality pool floats can make pool time SO. MUCH. BETTER. If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, our SLOOSH line of pool floats for adults and kids are just the ticket to chill-ville. Grab a hat, shades, and that guilty pleasure read because we want to show you some of the best pool floats that will make for some seriously delightful dip sessions.

Grab matching pool floats for friends and family 

Yes, you heard that right. Make your guests feel at home by giving them their own pool float to use! Even better if the floaties are themed. Throwing a birthday or themed party? Grab a set of pool floats that fit the theme. Set out the snacks and have a wet and wild time!
  • Here at Joyfy, we love a good sugar rush, so it stands to reason we designed this set of SLOOSH Donuts with Glitter Pool Floats. Set includes: 3 inflatable pool tubes with one Strawberry Dream Donut Tube, one Chocolate Glaze Donut Tube, and one Sparkle Mint Donut Tube. Mmm…sparkles! These pool float tubes are 32.5 inches in diameter and great for both adults and kids. 

Next up, get ready to splash and play in this easy-to-inflate SLOOSH Fashion Pattern Pool Float Set, featuring green and yellow tropical themed patterns that literally sparkle in the sunlight (we dig glitter, can you tell?). These vibrant designs will have you and your guests shining bright like diamonds all summer long!
  • For our next pick, we were inspired by another favorite pool snack: cold, freshly cut fruit! The Sloosh – 32.5″ Fruits Pool Float Set includes: one watermelon tube, one grapefruit tube, and one kiwi tube. And like all of our pool floats, they are made of high-quality vinyl and are more durable than other float tubes on the market. 

Do it for the ‘Gram

You know the drill, you’re in the pool, there’s a perfect backdrop, but you need the cool floatie! Check out our selection of extra large pool floats so you can have the ultimate summer fun pics.

  • Pizza lovers, we hear you. We see you. And we delivered…with this Sloosh Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float (Vegetarian). This exquisite pizza pool float includes: 2 cup holders, an air chamber, 2 raft connectors, and a headrest crust. In fact, grab 7 more float ‘slices’ to connect and make a whole pie! Mama mia! It’s the ultimate pizza float fantasy.  
  • Stand out from the crowd, just like real peacocks do with this SLOOSH – 66″ Giant Peacock Raft. Sit back and relax on its giant feather tail and comfy blue body. With this gorgeous float, you’ll be the most luxurious one in the pool…as you should be.  
  • Float on your own “isle of pink” with our SLOOSH – Fancy Flamingo Ring. Fla-mingle with guests from the comfort of your float that includes 2 cup holders and the uniquely designed pillow tail that provides relaxing comfort. 
  • This one’s for the kids, but really, what’s stopping you from floating on this Sloosh – Kid Pineapple Pool Float. Forever the symbol of hospitality, we designed our pineapple float in a bright yellow color with a pillowy green crown.

Lounge the day away in a relaxing pool chair

Sometimes a good ‘ol fashioned pool float chair is just what the doctor ordered. Make sure to get one with a drink holder and you’ll be set to gently glide on the water with a cold beverage in hand. Ahh…pure bliss.    

Relax and enjoy the sun in this SLOOSH – 44″ Inflatable Pool Lounger. This pool chair lounger features: 2 handles, 2 cup holders, and a headrest.  

  • Next up, we have the same style pool lounger but in a blue ocean wave pattern. The SLOOSH – 44″ Inflatable Lounge Pool Float is great for ages 9 and up.    
  • For the ultimate chaise pool lounge experience, check out our SLOOSH – Inflatable Pool Lounger (Blue). Enjoy the heat while floating around in the pool, beach, or lake. This ultra-deluxe pool lounger comes with a built-in cup holder and two grip handles. This lounge float uses a manual or electric pump to inflate (not included).  

The best pool floats for adults to enjoy – Why we love hammock style!  

Bet you didn’t know hammocks could go in the pool? Hammock-style floaties are lightweight and easy to take on the go for whatever water day you have planned. Once in the water, the mesh fabric center comfortably suspends your body in the water and the buoyant pillows provide support for your head and legs. That makes this floatie perfect for adults, seniors and expectant moms. Plus, the soft foldable material allows for a variety of float positions (see photo below).
  • The SLOOSH- Hammock Pool Float, 2 Pack (Blue, Pink)

Enjoy more fun with a pool float boat for kids

When you’re a kid, is there anything more fun than having your own miniature boat? Hop on, then fall into the water, then do it all again! Pool float boats are even more fun with friends, so invite the gang and pile in. Your kiddos can work together to get from one side of the pool to the other. Let’s go team!

  • This SLOOSH – 46″ Inflatable Space Ship Pool Float is a solo ride, but just as fun. This pool float is made to look like a NASA space shuttle with a realistic rocket design. Whether on an adventure in the pool or on land, this floatie can be used for both indoor and outdoor play.  
  • The SLOOSH – Inflatable Boat Swimming Pool Float (White) features an adorable boat design and measures 67″ X 34″. What better way to relax and cool off this summer than with an inflatable float! An electric air pump (not included) is needed and only takes minutes. Whether you’re spending the day in your backyard pool or floating down a lazy river, this inflatable boat pool float will help you stay relaxed and refreshed. 

The best pool float boards to help kids practice swimming 

With school out for the summer, use this time to ensure your kiddo is a confident swimmer! Our pool float boogie boards are perfect for swim practice and general pool time fun.  

  • SLOOSH – Kids Swimming Pool Floating Boards, 2 Pcs This 2 pack of inflatable boogie boards for kids has two grip handles to provide stability and balance.

Don’t forget to keep your pool clean

Add some charm to your pool with a fun animal-shaped chlorine dispenser. It’s super easy to use: simply rotate to open and fill with the right amount of chemical tablets. Fits up to 4 chlorine or bromine tablets (not included). With the adjustable bottom, twist the ring and easily control the amount of chlorine to be released over time. 

This pool cleaner dispenser comes in an adorable crocodile or octopus design that will make everyone smile. It’s not only a good chlorine dispenser, but a fun decoration anywhere there’s a pool, spa, hot tub, or fountain. 


That’s it for our best pool float picks! And for more fun floaties, check out our full SLOOSH collection. We can’t wait for summer to begin and we hope you’re excited too! What do you like most about summer? Tell us in the comments below!  

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