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2023 ultimate Easter party ideas and inspiration

Written By Ryan Barrett Why are Easter Party ideas so important this time of year? Imagine the scene: Kids run around you and through your legs almost knocking you over. One little one zooms behind a tree. The other dive bombs through some bushes. A few pile on top of each other in the grass like an American football dog pile. Just as you go to help these poor little sugar-high creatures a hand pops out of the dog pile. Like a zombie hand breaking through the Earth at a cemetery. Except it’s not green and decaying; this is not a Night of the Living Dead flashback. It’s Easter! And now that Easter is approaching a similar scene to the one above might be coming to a front lawn or home near you!.  What does Easter celebrate? What does Easter celebrate? The answer to this seems simple: color-dyed egg hunts and children overdosing on chocolate bunnies. With a Hallmark on steroids level of marketing that goes on every Easter holiday, no one would blame you for thinking so. But actually, there’s a deeper meaning to it all. A lot of you probably know this. That Easter is a religious holiday

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Easter egg hunt ideas

Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Written By Ryan Barrett There’s probably something in the bowels of your mind that brings back Easter egg hunt ideas. You’re taking off at the sound of go. Diving through tall grass and dodging trees. Or maybe even digging through jacket pockets in a downstairs closet looking for bright pastel-painted eggs. Or perhaps it’s a smell. Every time you take in a whiff of vinegar it reminds you of egg painting so many eons ago.  And if you have some little hopping bunnies of your own it’s more than likely that you’ve passed these traditions down. Like many things recycled though, it might not be the same. Trying to recreate a childhood memory sometimes falls a little flat and feels hollow. Or you might just be bored of the same old Easter egg hunt ideas. Or god forbid, you see the boredom in your little one’s eyes. And as we know when the boredom hits, it’s not long until the eggs go flying! Not to worry though! Plenty of modern Easter game ideas will keep the boredom at bay and the eggs from flying. There are egg hunt games such as Easter egg treasure hunts, egg spoon races, and even

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bath bombs for kids

15+ Best Bath Bombs For Kids Gift Set [Ultimate Guide]

Written By Ryan Barrett Bath bombs, specifically bath bombs for kids, are the most important thing in your bathroom. Is this a controversial statement? More important than toothpaste or deodorant. Maybe not for you, but how about your little one? Do they care about clean teeth? Smelling good? Or bubbles? If you have a bathtub, you probably realize the importance of bubbles in your existence! Even more so if you are a parent! Sure you may like a nice bubble bath from time to time. The lack of bubbles isn’t the end of everything, right? ‘Wrong!’ Says every parent reading this. Most of you parents out there know that a bubbleless bath is a declaration of a war fought with tantrum bombs and surface-to-surface snot missiles. A lot of you parents out there know that after a while even bubbles cease to cut the mustard. Kids get bored. And when kids get bored it’s World Snot War Three! As many of you parents probably know one way to keep bubbles exciting is bombs. Bath bombs for kids. They are a great way to add an extra element to the bubble bath. It changes the whole experience, especially for kids.  Worry

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