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Easter toys and games

18 Fun-filled Toys and Games to Play on Easter Sunday 2022

Are you planning a family gathering for this year’s Easter holiday and in need of some good old fashioned family entertainment? As we explored in our previous Easter post, this holiday can be a cheerful day spent gathering with loved ones, cooking up a delicious meal and weather permitting, playing outside! And along with games, Easter is a wonderful time to get crafty –as in… we’re just dye-ing to color some eggs over here! In this post, we’re showcasing a few traditional Easter games we learned about and also highlighting some of our favorite Easter games, toys and crafts from our collection. What are traditional Easter games? Easter is first and foremost a religious holiday, however even those who don’t share in Christian beliefs can still take part in traditional Easter games like the ubiquitous Easter Egg hunts, as well as egg dances and egg tossing. Easter games are fun to play with the whole family and can enliven a cheerful springtime spirit (while also being an effective way to burn off Easter brunch, hehe).  Egg dance   Here’s a traditional Easter game you may not have heard of. Egg dancing is an ancient custom brought to England by the Anglo

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4 Ways You Can Find the Perfect Easter Decorations for Your Home

Spring is in the air! And we are here to welcome the new season with open arms! We gladly soak up the sunshine and bask in the sweet-smelling scents of fresh flowers abloom. Spring is a time of new beginnings so dare we say, there’s a certain spring in our step? It’s rejuvenating! Along with said springtime buzz comes the annual Easter holiday. Easter is a joyful time to gather with family and friends, observe religious traditions, fill Easter baskets full of goodies, and put up Easter decorations! Bunnies, colored eggs, pastels and fresh flowers…what’s not to love! These springtime motifs are timeless and cheerful reminders of the season. Not to mention there’s Easter brunch, chocolate bunnies, and local egg hunts! It’s a busy day, to be sure! Brighten up your space with the colors and patterns of spring Who says kids get to have all the fun on Easter? Why not make the most of this special season with fresh new Easter decorations to enliven your space for spring. But first, let’s explore the significance of this special holiday. The Meaning of Easter  For people of the Christian faith, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. It

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