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Whether you need kids stickers for Christmas or Easter we have all the festive sticky decorations to meet your needs!

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Stickers for kids may seem like a straightforward thing to get. In actuality, it can be quite difficult to keep this sticky reward new and exciting. Often kids receive the same old stickers and then let off a huff of boredom. For stickers that will get stuck in their imagination check out our wide selection! Not only do we carry themed holiday stickers for most of the major holidays but also have scratch stickers and make-face stickers. Our kids stamps come in huge selections so they’re perfect gifts for a teacher who needs homework stamped for kids.

Thanksgiving stickers

Who doesn’t love a good thanksgiving activity for the classroom or a large family party?  Each sticker sheet comes with an animal or human figure with a body part and accessory stickers to make your character. These Thanksgiving stickers come in sets of 40 so they’ll meet the needs of any large party or many small parties to come!

Halloween stickers

For something sticky and spooky(that is not slime!) check out our make-a-face Halloween sticker sheets. This 36-piece set comes with various monster or Halloween faces that kids have to stick the body parts too. This set is also great if kids want to use the ghost eyes or witch nose stickers to decorate a Halloween basket!

Christmas sticker

These make-face Christmas sticker sheets are a great activity for a class or any other kind of holiday party. With over 10 different designs, from Santa’s to Frost’s face, kids can either make a face with their stickers or mix and match with each other. It’s a great way for kids to express themselves and practice social skills!