Mardi Gras Decorations

From signs to inflatables to indoor decorations we offer vibrant Mardi Gras decorations to spice up any festivity.

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Since the 1800s Mardi Gras decorations have been used to signify this vibrant holiday. Initially, the main Mardi Gras decor colors were purple, green, and yellow. However, now decorations range from colorful jesters to crowns. We have all the necessary decorations to spice up your next indoor or outdoor Mardi Gras celebration.

Mardi Gras outdoor decorations

People have been using Mardi Gras outdoor decoration since the holiday began. For thousands of years, people have been using religious and non-religious symbols to decorate a party or parades. We have carried on this tradition and offer a wide selection of outdoor Mardi Gras decoration ideas that will turn your front lawn into part of the parade.

Mardi Gras Inflatables

The jester has been a Mardi Gras symbol since the tradition began. Without the selection of an inflatable Mardi Gras jester, your house can carry on this tradition. For your front lawn, we have a 6ft tall jester donning the traditional green, yellow, and purple colors. We also have an inflatable archway that is decorated with the different symbols of Mardi Gras. A mask, jester, and champagne bottle. Undeniably your front lawn will be the talk of the Mardi Gras town.

Mari Gras signs

To put your house in the middle of a Mardi Gras neighborhood check out our Mardi Gras signs. These 12 different street sign cutouts will allow you to label your house as if it were part of a historical Louisana neighborhood.

Mardi gras table decorations

Mardi Gras outdoor decoration is essential. However, just as essential is the decorations when people enter your house. Our Mardi Gras table decorations will decorate any table in the traditional Mardi Gras green, yellow, and purple. Additionally, this table cover comes with a festive matching garland to string above your Mardi Gras table.