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The spooky season is fast approaching so it’s time to get your bag of tricks and treats in order!   

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Which means, picking out a costume and making plans. Did you know there’s something that’s even more fun than dressing up in a solo costume on Halloween? It’s getting a squad together for group Halloween costumes!

Wanna pull off a funny or scary themed look with family or friends? Look no further than Joyfy’s selection of group Halloween costumes. Dress up for Halloween or any themed night out!

Plus, Joyfy has a wide selection of group costumes for kids of all ages. Boys, girls, little tykes and teens can find an amazing group Halloween costume that will make for a spook-takular night! Not sure what to be? Check out our wide selection of affordable group costume ideas, right here at Joyfy.

Girls and boys! Its time to find the best group costumes for halloween

girl group Halloween costumes

Want your #Squadgoals dreams become a reality? Look no further than Joyfy’s selection of best group costumes for halloween for you and your girlfriends. Become a pack of Hallow-Queens this year and make a splash with a themed look. Take a peek at our many styles and sizes. Have a group of 3, 4 or 5 girls? No problem! Our group costume ideas for tweens and teen girls runs the gamut! How ‘bout a fab-boo-lous animal pack, starring a fox, racoon and wolf? Or a group of sparkly unicorns, or creep it real as a troop of blood curdling zombies. Joyfy has all that and much more. Scary, cute, or sassy? Whatever you want your girl group costume to be, we’ve got it!

boy group Halloween costumes

Get your gang together for an awesome look that stands out among the trick-or-treat crowd. If you’re looking for boy group halloween costume ideas, you’ll find plenty of choices right here at Joyfy! Our selection of group Halloween costumes for kids, tweens and teen boys will kick it up a notch if you’re looking to become stronger as a pack. Head to school as a trio of warrior ninjas –each with its own look and superpower. Or hit the block as noble astronauts ready to save the world from alien invasion…or become a bone-chilling zombie baseball team, back to crack the bat. If you’re the class clown, we’ve got the best funny group halloween costumes like our inflatable ride-ons, will get the crowds chucklin.’ Check out our wide variety of group costumes for boys, now!

Where to get fun group halloween costumes?

Are you looking for fun couple halloween costumes? Never hesitate! Joyfy has it all!

What else could be even sweeter than sporting Halloween couple costumes for your trick or treating? Our couple costumes at Joyfy are definitely Instagram worthy! These matching halloween costumes are cute and funny with unique and easy to wear designs that can get everyone entertained during Halloween events. Become the best-dressed matchy-matchy couple with our fun group halloween costumes!

2022 top halloween group costume ideas for family, adult and kid

Halloween is a blast no matter what age you are! Looking for epic group costume ideas for the whole family? Joyfy has you covered for Mom, Dad, tween, toddler and baby, too!

We absolutely love it when a group costume comes together! Join forces for a themed look or pick matching outfits in one of our many styles and themes. Become a gang of swashbuckling pirates, or a traveling safari –with everyone dressing up as their favorite animal. Or transform into your favorite fairytale characters. Our costumes are affordable, comfortable, (especially our onesie and inflatable costumes) and great for last minute! Brainstorm together and make your Halloween the best ever with an amazing family halloween costume!

Adult group costumes

Looking to take your Halloween to another level? Take to the streets as a pack in a group Halloween costume. If you’re looking for halloween group costume ideas, you’ll find plenty of choices here at Joyfy! Your group will be unstoppable and win all costume contests with our selection of zombies, vampires, maidens, animals and much more! Joyfy is the perfect stop for awesome group Halloween costumes or themed night out. So don’t wait! Get the gang together for a group costume and have the best Halloween ever!

Kid Group Costumes

What’s more fun than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up with a gang of friends! Joyfy has a wide selection of group costumes for kids of all ages. Boys, girls, little tykes and teens can find an amazing group of Halloween costumes here at Joyfy that will make for an epically spook-takular night! Need help deciding? Brainstorm with your pals while you check out our wide selection of affordable group costume ideas, for kids! Whether you dress up as your favorite heros, a wickedly cute group of witches/warlocks or a pack of inflatable animal friends, there is sure to be something to please even the pickiest of trick-or-treaters. So, ghoul it together and pick out a fun group costume, today!