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Halloween is a wonderful festival for people and everyone is getting ready to celebrate it in its best way. If you are planning a Halloween party for your friends and family, then you must be looking for some fun Halloween party games.

How to make fun Halloween party games?

Fun Halloween party games and trunk or treat games can be played by all age groups and also help in bringing more excitement to your party.

Pumpkin Themed Toss Games

This game involves throwing pumpkins at a target placed on a wall or floor. You can make this game more interesting by adding some challenges like having players throw pumpkins into baskets or using only one hand or with blindfolded eyes etc.

Halloween Cat Toss Cloth Game

This game involves tossing clothes onto cats that are made out of paper mache or cardboard boxes with cat ears attached to them at one end. This game is sure to bring lots of laughs as players try to toss their cloth onto these cats. Meanwhile,  they run around trying to avoid being hit by them!

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards are always fun during any kind of get-together so why not use them for Halloween too? You can use different Halloween-themed bingo cards such as “Boo”, “Frankenstein”,

Halloween Foam Bowling Set

This is one of the simplest Halloween party games for kids and adults alike. You need a foam ball and pins that are at least 8 inches wide. The pins should be placed about 10 feet apart from each other, with the same distance between each pin pair as well. Make sure that there are no obstacles in between the pins. Or any other things that could interfere with the game! The player stands at one end of the alley, and throws the ball down it towards the pins. Then tries to knock down as many pins as possible before they fall over on their own accord. The person who knocks down all 10 pins wins!

Halloween Egg and Spoon Race Game

This game requires a lot more preparation than most other Halloween party games do. But if you have time or want to spend an evening making some crafts beforehand then this may be a good choice.