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Valentine's Day gifts for your kids

8 Fun and Adorable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Remember being a kid and celebrating Valentine’s Day at school? There was always candy and you exchanged valentines with your classroom friends. The sugar rush was sweet. Luckily that’s still a thing for your kids to enjoy. But, if you’re not a fan of giving your kid copious amounts of sugar, there’s a whole slew of fun candy-free Valentine’s day gifts that can get the kids involved on Cupid’s day of love. Read on to see our list of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for kids from our collection.   The History of Valentine’s Day This holiday is about showing love and appreciation to those close to you in your life. A small token of affection is a wonderful way to share the love and keep your little ones included in the V-day festivities. They’ll learn that the holiday isn’t only about romantic relationships, but celebrating all the love in one’s life. Kids will be excited to share in the warm and fuzzy feelings this holiday can bring.    How did Valentine’s day start?  So, how did this designated day of romance come about? Believe it or not, the legend of St. Valentine is quite murky and mysterious. Ooooh. There are

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Valentine's Day

4 Adorable Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids (candy-free)

Red hearts, candy, and roses too. Happy almost Valentine’s Day from us to you! For adults, this holiday is about celebrating Cupid’s romantic arrow, but kids can celebrate Valentine’s Day too! In fact, it’s the perfect day to teach your kids to celebrate L-O-V-E in all its forms. With that said, we’d like to share a few Valentine’s Day party ideas so your little cherubs can get in on the warm and fuzzy feelings this holiday can bring. Valentine’s Day Party Ideas  Whether your kids are preschoolers or in grade school, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by playing games, handing out candies, and writing valentine notes to friends and family. Make sure to send your kid off with pre-printed valentines and pencils, so they can participate. If you’re a teacher, stock up on valentine cards for everyone in the classroom, so no child is left out of the fun. Additionally, our pre-printed valentine cards with little gifts make excellent party favors too! Check out this list below for our Valentine’s Day party ideas your kids will love. Play outside with bubbles   Valentine cards with a little gift make the day even more special for little ones. Check out this set

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