Easter egg shell is one unique decoration for the spring holiday. It’s colorful, lightweight, and fun.

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Many people want to use their creativity to decorate their egg shells. Choosing colors that go well with each other is the key to creating an attractive and egg catching egg. We listed the best products that can make your job easier and transfer your design ideas into reality. 

Easter Egg

Easter egg or paschal eggs, are decorated easter eggs that usually found in the nests of birds or other animals. They are the symbols of fertility and rebirth. The practice of egg decorating started with ancient Greeks and Remans. They dyed eggs red for the spring festival of Ostara (the equivalent to modern day Easter). After that, tradition continues and Christians took over the celebration as Easter.

Today, decorated eggs are a popular part of Easter celebrations around the world. People usually hide them as part of an Easter egg hunt and eat them at Easter dinner or on Good Friday.

Easter Egg Shell

Easter egg shells are a great way to enjoy the beauty of Easter eggs. These beautiful and colorful eggshells as a hostess gift or in party centerpieces. You can even use them as props for an Easter photoshoot in your party. Easter egg shells are a fun way to add some color to your decorating scheme without spending too much money. If you want something that is affordable but still looks great for your easter decorations or gift. Eggshells is definitely something worth considering.

Colorful Eggshells

These colorful egg shells are a great way to bring some extra color and fun to your Easter decorations. You can disassemble and assemble the way you like and it is fun to make your own matching! They are small and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about kids carry it in basket.

Easter Golden Eggs

This Easter, kids will be on the hunt to find the hidden golden easter egg. The 150 pcs Easter eggs include 6 golden eggs and 10 metallic shining eggs. Easter eggs use the material of plastic so they are safe for kids to play with.

Plastic Easter Eggs

These plastic easter eggs are made from 100% recycled egg shells. They are a light weight, durable and reusable alternative to plastic bags. These egg shells are perfect for storing items such as sweets, toys or jewelry.

Large plastic easter eggs are a great way to store thing. They are durable, long lasting. You can use these plastic eggs again and again, simply wash in warm soapy water and they will be ready to use.  These large plastic easter eggs come in a variety of sizes from small to large. And you can put any toys or fillers you want in these big easter egg.

Jumbo Easter Eggs

Add some sparkle to your Easter celebration with these jumbo Easter eggs! These bright and glitter Easter eggs are a great addition to any Easter basket. Each egg measures 7”, so they are perfect for larger size baskets.

Plastic Easter Eggs Bulk

These plastic eggs use non toxic plastic material, and they are great for use in Easter egg hunts. Bulk Easter eggs are 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch in height. The plastic eggs come in a set of 100 pieces.

The Giant Easter Egg

The giant easter eggs are a fun way to celebrate spring. And it is are great alternative to traditional hardboiled eggs for Easter. This set includes 12 giant eggs with lids and bases. They come in variety of colors, including blue, green, red and yellow.