July 4th Decorations

From flags to banners, we have all the 4th of July decorations to fill your red, white, and blue needs!

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Not that we need to tell you, but the 4th of July has been celebrated for hundreds of years. That means that these same ideas to decorate for 4th of July have been used for hundreds of years. And while we all love the same American flag banners, it can get kind of dull. Boring to say the least. That’s why we offer exciting 4th of July decorations that will breathe life into this age-old celebration. Our numerous selections of inflatables, lights, flags, and pinwheels will not only transform your annual celebration. But will transform your house into the patriotic beacon of the neighborhood!

Patriotic Inflatables

There’s no other 4th of July decor that will make your house stand out more than patriotic inflatables or 4th of July inflatables. Our 7-foot-tall Uncle Sam with eagle inflatable will let your neighbors know where the party’s at! This giant Sam has an eagle on his shoulder and waving a flag. It’s the perfect decor to put on your driveway to welcome your party guests!

Eagle inflatable

When people think of the USA the eales is probably one of the most identifiable. It’s on our flag, money, and of course decorations! You might even have a few July 4th decorations donning the iconic bird. But maybe by now, those decorations are starting to lose color with age. Our American eagle inflatable will hatch a new type of decor onto your 4th of July setup. This bird will patriotically nest in your front yard, letting everyone know where the fireworks are at!

American lighting

Christmas lights are great! But wouldn’t it be nice if there were lights for every holiday? With our 4th of July America lighting, there is. This giant blanket of sting lights makes a giant American flag design. Hang it from the side of your house or on your roof. This 4th of July decoration is the next best thing to fireworks!

American flag banner

Halloween and Christmas are usually the holidays we think of when decorating the outside of the house. With our American flag banner, we plan to change that! This red, white, and blue decoration comes with 40 flags and spans nearly 40 feet.  Decorate your entire roof or string them across the front or backyard.

American flag pinwheel

One great addition to all the American flag decorations on the 4th of July is the American flag pinwheel. Our set comes with 24 American flags and 24 pinwheels. These pinwheels are great to line your lawn with. When it’s windy outside it’ll look like a field of red, white, and blue windmills.

American flag garlands

For a 4th of July decoration that is both flashy and versatile check out our American flag garlands. Coming with 14 flags on sticks and two garlands with 40 flags on each string. You can decorate your house and give out party favors at the same time!