From young kids to adults, there are plenty of fun Thanksgiving party games to play.

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The best Thanksgiving party games are easy to learn, great fun, and can be played by people of all ages. Joyfy provides different styles of toss game boards and cards to bring fun for your holiday.

Thanksgiving party game ideas

What are the fun thanksgiving party game ideas? Now that you’ve got a plan, all you need are some great games and activities for the kids. Here are some ideas that will make it easy for you to throw an unforgettable party like Turkey puzzle, Turkey Bowling, and Thanksgiving bingo

Fun Thanksgiving party games

Turkey Puzzle

Cut out various shapes from construction paper, such as triangles and circles, using different colors for each piece of the puzzle (turkey head, wings, body). Have each child assemble their own turkey puzzle by placing pieces together to create a picture of an entire turkey or simply put together pieces until it looks right!

Turkey Bowling

Who doesn’t love bowling? This classic game is even more fun when you use a real turkey instead of a ball! Simply place the turkey on its side and roll it down the lane toward the pins. You can even place obstacles in front of the turkey such as pumpkins or corn cobs to make it harder to hit them. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even try throwing an actual bowling ball at your opponents’ turkeys! The last person standing wins!

Thanksgiving Bingo card

What fun games for thanksgiving party! Thanksgiving Bingo is a fun Thanksgiving game for kids! Print out the free Thanksgiving Bingo Cards below and your family can play this simple game while you serve dinner. This Thanksgiving bingo card can be used instead of traditional Bingo. Print up as many as you like and use them to play a fun game with the family!