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Our selection of pretend play toy sets will engage your little ones like no other!

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Kids pretend play is very valuable to a kid’s developing mind. It encourages creativity, imagination, social development and so much more.  It can enhance all areas of a kid’s mind and it’s an excellent way for a child to connect with a parent or friend.

Pretend play toys

From construction play sets to mini grill sets to detailed doctor sets our selection of pretend play sets are sure to elevate playtime. Children already have amazing imaginations, and when given the little extra spark of our toy sets their development will proliferate!

Pretend play sets

Most kids love to pretend cook. Whether it’s mimicking mom or dad in the kitchen or a television program children love to chop invisible veggies and fry imaginary noodles. Our pretend plays food set comes with many different types of food and condiments. Your kids can not only pretend to cook or shop but can learn new food vocabulary at the same time

Pretend plays kitchen

Our pretend plays kitchen set is so cool and so detailed that it might set your kids off on the culinary path! Practicing chopping pretend play food. And carefully taking things out of the oven is not only a blast but promotes hand-eye coordination. This 24-piece set comes with a sound and light-activated oven as well as a little bib. The oven also has a little area to set up the condiments and plates. Kids will not only learn food and kitchen vocabulary but different kitchen vocabulary!