We offer kids puzzles to turn boredom into IQ-increasing Fun!

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Kids puzzles of any kind can be an opportunity to boost not only problem-solving skills but a chance to relieve stress. In an age where we are constantly on our phones, it is nice to have a hands-on activity. One that makes us put down our phones and improves our mood. Besides the obvious of improving IQ puzzles also fight off dementia. It sounds like the perfect activity for little ones and Grandparents to do at the same time!

Jigsaw puzzle

We offer a couple of different jigsaw puzzles that are sure to be a fun activity for the whole family. Is there a better Christmas present? Once your family member finds this under the tree you can then spend Christmas day putting it together! We offer a delicious 1000-piece donut puzzle. Or for you, dog lovers out there check out the 300-piece multi-dog puzzle. Get your cognitive Christmas woof on with these puzzle for kids delights! 

3d puzzle

3D puzzles are a great family or friend activity that allows one to build a 3D structure and teamwork at the same time. They are made of all materials, from plastic to foam to wood! Our 6-pack 3d puzzle stuffed Easter eggs make great party favors or stocking stuffers. Also, they’re perfect for Easter egg hunts!

Wooden puzzle

If your kids(or even yourself ) are animal lovers, they’re going to roar over our wooden puzzle set. This set of 8 different animal puzzles gives a child a different kind of 3D puzzle challenge. Because of texture and shape, putting a wooden puzzle together is far different than traditional 3D puzzles. They’re a great way to put a spin on 3D puzzle fun!

Cube puzzles

The cube puzzle is a perfect kids puzzles to keep the mind active while on the go! Our different selections of cube puzzles offer portable puzzles. The kind that will encourage intellectual development no matter where! Our 12-piece snake cube puzzles are great Easter gifts as they come in plastic eggs. And our 2-piece speed cube set is essentially Rubik’s cubes. The set includes a 2×2 and 3×3 cube.