St. Patrick's Day

Whether you need party decor or wearable accessories we have all the essentials for this St. Patrick’s Day 2024.

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What do you think of when one mentions happy St. Patrick’s Day? Probably green beads, green tops, hats, and even green beer! It’s a festive day of the year when we can go to or throw a festive party and dance like we’re Irish! Most people wear green anything and have parades on this lucky day. And we have all the St.Patrick’s Day 2024 favors and accessories to make this year’s party the happiest yet! 

Why is st patrick’s day celebrated?

Though the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day might seem like one big fun party, it has a very serious origin. This is the day that represents when St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. Now, though you don’t have to be religious to celebrate. Whether you are religious or not this holiday this holiday has come to be a celebration of anything Irish. It’s a celebration of Irish music, dance, and culture.

St Patrick’s day colors

The three main St. Patrick’s day colors are- green, orange, and white. These are the colors of the flag, each representing something different. The green represents Catholics, the orange Protestants, and the white represents peace between the two. Now though, green is king!  Whether you need green shamrock headbands or large green party favor sets, we have it all!

How many days until st patrick’s day?

St.Patrick’s Day 2024 is on March 17th.  So how many days until St. Patrick’s day? That means about two months from now, which in turn means a lot of time to prepare for your St. Patrick’s Day party. If you are stressing about the different decorations and party favors to get, worry not! We have an excellent selection of wearable accessories and house decor that will make this year nothing less than memorable.

St. patrick’s day activities for kids

If you’re wondering what St. Patrick’s day activities kids can do at your party there are a plethora of games to keep them entertained. You can read St. Patrick’s day story books, make paper leprechauns, or even make green St. Patrick’s day slime! You can also do St. Patrick’s day activities for kids that have a reward such as finding the leprechaun. And for these games, we have a plethora of accessories on our site that kids will love!