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Trunk or Treat Themes & Ideas 2023

Step into the world of the trunk or treat, the coolest Halloween trend around! Discover the best trunk or treat ideas of 2023 to decorate your vehicle into a Halloween masterpiece. Explore not only spooky car costume ideas but also easy car costume ideas. We have the inspiration you need to make your car costume unforgettable. And remember to dress up in costumes that complement your chosen theme because the magic is even greater when the whole family gets in on the fun. Now, buckle up and get ready for Halloween Caravan!

Inflatable Spider and Dinosaur Trunk or Treat Themes

When it comes to easy trunk or treat ideas for SUV, inflatables are a game-changer. You don’t need to figure out how to pair ordinary trunk or treat kits. All you need to do is inflate it, and these blow up decorations instantly transform your car into a captivating attraction.

Inflatable Spider Trunk or Treat

Imagine your car adorned with a giant, creepy spider that sprawls out from the trunk. This attention-grabbing display will surely impress the trick-or-treaters and make your car stand out from the crowd. You can find inflatable spider decorations that easily attach to your vehicle, creating a spooky and fun-filled atmosphere.


Dinosaur Trunk or Treat Inflatable

Let’s join the dinosaur adventure! Suddenly, a giant inflatable dinosaur appears, taking you to a world of dinosaurs. But that’s not all! Imagine this: the dinosaur’s mouth can move, and inside, there’s a bag of snacks waiting for you to grab. It’s a surprise that even little kids can’t resist. Who would say no to yummy treats from a friendly dinosaur?

Scary Trunk or Treat Ideas 

For a more eerie and traditional Halloween ambiance, consider incorporating tombstones and skeletons into the spooky car fest. These classic elements will give your car a spooky yet inviting vibe. Here are a couple of ideas to set the perfect eerie atmosphere:


Tombstone Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Create a mini graveyard in your trunk with a tombstone car decoration kit. These kits come with a variety of tombstone props that you can easily set up and arrange in your car trunk. Add some eerie lighting and cobwebs for an extra touch of spookiness. Paired with dim lighting and fog machines, your decorations for car costume party will become an unforgettable experience for all who dare to approach.


Skeleton Trunk or Treat Kit

Dial up the fright factor with the skeleton! Fill your car with skeletons posed in various chilling positions, these kits provide a bone-chilling experience for trick-or-treaters. You can decorate the skeletons in various poses or even incorporate them into a themed scene, like a pirate skeleton guarding a treasure chest full of candies.

Witch Trunk or Treat 2023

Join us on a magical journey into the world of witches, where broomsticks soar and cauldrons bubble. Unleash your inner sorceress and decorate your trunk into an enchanting spectacle that will leave everyone under your spell. It will certainly infuse your car with evil witch vibes.


Evil Witch Trunk or Treat

Bring the magic of witches to life with a evil witch car costume. Turn your car into the lair of a evil witch with the black cat, and broomsticks. Don’t forget the witch’s hat and a sign that says “Kids Eaten Free” to guide trick-or-treaters kids to your trunk. You’ll have everyone under your spell with this bewitching display!


Witch Making Poison Soup

Impress trick-or-treaters with a fun and magical scene of a witch brewing potions. Put a big pot in your car’s trunk, filled with colorful liquids and spooky stuff. Add an evil witch stirring the pot and doing magic spells. It’s a cool setup that will wow everyone who stops by your trunk.

Shark Trunk or Treat Decorating

If you want to make things scarier, imagine bringing deep-sea creatures and big, scary monsters into your Halloween adventure. Monsters and Sharks are definitely the scary trunk or treat ideas. Get ready for thrilling encounters that will give you goosebumps and make you feel excited and a little bit scared.


Pink Monster Trunk or Treat

Use your imagination and go crazy with a pink monster! Turn your car’s trunk into a monster’s mouth with big teeth, wobbly eyes, and bright colors. Stick the monster’s face on your trunk and fill it with treats and goodies. Kids can reach into the monster’s mouth and grab their treats. It’s a fun and not-too-scary idea that will make kids laugh and feel excited.


Blue Shark Trunk or Treat

Let’s dive deep into the ocean and turn your car’s trunk into a scary shark’s mouth. Make a big shark head that covers your car and shows its sharp teeth. Remember to dress up as a shark or a scuba diver to make it even more exciting. It’s a fabulous idea that will make everyone feel like they’re having an underwater adventure.

Spider Trunk or Treat Decoration Ideas

Go on a super scary Halloween adventure as we explore the world of spooky spiders. These creepy crawlies will make your Halloween celebration extra spooky. Let’s see how these eight-legged creatures can create an atmosphere that will make everyone shiver with excitement.


Crawling Spider Trunk or Treat

Get ready to create a scary scene with a crawling spider. Attach big black spider legs to the sides and back of your car to give the illusion that they’re crawling toward people. Use black fabric or streamers to create a web-like background and scatter plastic spiders around. It’s sure to give chills to anyone who dares to come close!


Inflatable Trunk or Treat Spider

If you want to make your trunk stand out at a Car Costume Party, an inflatable spider is absolutely the first choice. It will instantly turn your car into a spooky, spider-infested vehicle. Pair it with a few strands of cobweb and it will look like the spider has taken over your territory and is nesting on the roof of your car. This will send a clear message to all goofy people hoping to raid your Halloween stash – stay away or face the wrath of the spider!

Bat Car Decorations Ideas

Put up the “bat costume”! Decorate your car with bat-themed decorations, and see the magic happen. These flying creatures will grab everyone’s attention and create an amazing trunk or treat experience that will be the highlight of Halloween.


Bat Trunk or Treat Decorating Kit

Turn your car into a bat paradise with a car decoration kit focused on bats. These kits usually come with bat-shaped decorations, bat cutouts, and other spooky stuff. Hang them on your trunk and add some creepy lighting to set a night-time vibe. It’s a theme that will bring an air of mystery to your Halloween decorations.


Inflatable Bat Trunk or Treat

An inflatable bat is not only an easy trunk or treat idea for your SUV, but it is also guaranteed attention-grabbers that will inspire awe. You can place them on top of your car or position them around your trunk. With their impressive presence, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on trick-or-treaters.

Clown Halloween Car Costume Ideas

Step into the magical world of the clown carnival at your Halloween car tricking and treating! Turn your vehicle into a colorful carnival with inflatable clown props, cheerful banners, and games to play. Get ready for lots of laughter and excitement as families and friends enjoy a thrilling adventure. Come and join the car costume party with us!


Carnival Trunk or Treat

Turn your car into a mini carnival with a variety of fun and colorful decorations. Hang carnival-themed banners and balloons, and create a makeshift carnival booth in your trunk. Set up games like ring toss or duck pond for the trick-or-treaters to enjoy. It’s a theme that will bring laughter and excitement to your Halloween event.


Clown Trunk or Treat

Let’s bring the fun and joy of clowns to your car by turning it into a clown paradise. Paint vibrant and colorful clown faces on the windows and attaches big clown accessories to the exterior. Dress up as a clown and entertain the kids with juggling or balloon twisting. It’s a cheerful and delightful theme that will make everyone smile.

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church

As you plan your vehicle candy gathering, why not switch from spooky to adorable by choosing a theme inspired by cute cats and dogs? Consider a Dalmatians and black cat theme that’s sure to make tails wag and hearts melt on Halloween. This charming and creative idea is perfect for families who want to showcase their love for adorable friends.

Dalmatians Trunk or Treat

Dalmatians Trunk or Treat

Bring the magic of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” to life with a Dalmatian. Decorate your trunk as a fire station or a cozy doghouse, complete with Dalmatian spots and paw prints. It’s an easy trunk or treat decorating idea for church that will enchant both kids and adults alike.


Cat Trunk or Treat Kit

No Halloween is complete without a black cat! Let’s embrace the magic and mystery of black cats by including them in your Halloween car tricking and treating. You can add cut-outs or drawings of black cats, their paw prints, and even some moving cat decorations that will play with people. So, don’t forget to include these adorable feline friends in your Halloween setup!

Unicorns and Vampire Car Costume Ideas

Come and experience the wonder of mythical creatures – it’s time for our Car Costume Party! Join us as we delve into two thrilling themes, exploring a world of imagination, magic, and legend.


Trunk or Treat Unicorn

Bring the magic of unicorns to your car decorations. Decorate your car with rainbow colors, downy clouds, and sparkles. Decorate the trunk with unicorn cutouts and attach a unicorn horn to the front of your vehicle. This whimsical idea will spark the imagination and leave everyone believing in the magic of unicorns.


Vampire Trunk or Treat

Unleash the mystery of vampires with a vampire that exudes Gothic charm. Use dark and dramatic colors like black, red. Hang vampire-themed decorations, such as bats and vampire teeth, from your trunk. Add a touch of eerie elegance with faux cobwebs and candlelit lanterns. It’s a theme that will transport your visitors to a spooky and alluring vampire world.

Candyland Trunk or Treat Themes

Want a classic car decoration theme that everyone will love? How about decorating your car into a delightful Candyland or a whimsical Balloon Heaven? While this particular setup may not scream “easy Trunk or Treat ideas for church,” it’s actually not as challenging as it looks. This wholesome and enjoyable idea is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.


Candy Party Theme

Turn your trunk into a colorful candy wonderland with candies. Decorate your trunk with vibrant and eye-catching candy-themed decorations. Hang colorful banners and streamers to add to the festive atmosphere. Create a sweet treat station in your trunk by filling bowls and jars with an assortment of candies. Dress up as a candy connoisseur or a candyland character to complete the theme. It’s a celebration of sweetness that will leave everyone with a smile.


Halloween Balloon Theme

Make your Halloween Caravan extra special with a fun and festive Halloween balloon theme kit. Fill your car trunk with colorful balloons featuring cute designs like pumpkins, little ghosts, spiders, and bats. Take it up a notch by adding balloon arches and columns to create a super cool entrance that everyone will love. This happy and cheerful theme will give your Halloween celebration a boost and make it even more magical.

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