Get Into Holiday Spirit With These Blog Ideas!

Get Into Holiday Spirit
With These Blog Ideas!

Thanksgiving decoration ideas

Best Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas To Inspire Your Fall Feast

Families all across the US gather on Thanksgiving to eat loads of food, make memories, and of course, give thanks. The holiday paints a vivid picture of celebrating abundance and cherishing the ones you love. As with any holiday, decorating is an important part of getting into the festive spirit. We’ll give you some Thanksgiving decoration ideas that’ll make this the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever had! Before you decorate though, you may wonder why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place. Not to worry–we’ll walk you through the origins of Thanksgiving, what it represents, and why we celebrate it. Grab a slice of pumpkin pie and keep reading Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? You may have been taught that Thanksgiving started when Native Americans and pilgrims shared an abundant feast together. And that’s true–kind of. The Wampanoag tribe taught the pilgrims how to cultivate North American crops so they could survive the winters. After the first successful harvest, they shared a bountiful feast and formed an alliance (although it was short-lived). Pilgrims had occasional days of thanksgiving after this, but it wasn’t an officially-celebrated holiday. President Abraham Lincoln announced a national thanksgiving in 1863 as a way to pray for

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