From pink flamingos to garden gnomes, we offer the most eclectic yard decor for any yard.

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People have been decorating their yards since the existence of homes. Even cavemen and women were painting the outside of their caves or putting flowers and buffalo skulls around the entrance to their stone abodes. However, the garden decor has come a long way since skulls! Now there is everything from gardens to birdfeeders to stone statues

Yard decor ideas

Ever hear of putting potted plants on a ladder? How about putting decorating a wooden chair with vines? These are all modern yard decor ideas that continue to evolve.  And in carrying on the tradition and evolution of yard decor we offer a plethora of vibrant and fanciful items for your back or front yard decor.

Decorative garden stakes

One excellent way to decorate your yard is decorative garden stakes. These come in a wide array of designs and serve not only as decoration but can also add support for different plants in your garden. You might live in a place with heavy wind or rain. Don’t let your beautiful sunflowers or tomato plants get ripped out of the ground! Use a garden stake! And not only that use a decorative stake that will give your yard flare!

Flamingo yard decor

We offer a great selection of garden stakes that will not only decorate your lawn but protect your plants in the process. Check out our 6 pack of small pink flamingo yard decorations for something more exotic. These bright pink plastic birds are barely 17 inches tall, but they pack a powerful tropical impression. As a result, they will provide a humid island flavor to any backyard. Even and especially in a snowstorm! Now all the plants growing out of your garden or lawn will not only have support during difficult growing conditions but be able to do it around pink flamingo yard decor surroundings!

Gnome yard decorations

Planting plastic elves around your garden is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. These plastic elves known as gnomes are said to even have been used in ancient Rome! Traditionally gnome yard decorations were used to watch over animals or plants on the farm or around the house. And although you might not have heard of sheep to look after you still might like these guardian elves. To carry on the tradition of the gnome we offer a 6 piece set of decorative gnomes. These six unique gnomes are each on stakes so you can place them anywhere in the yard. They are a great way to breathe life into any lawn!