Cinco De Mayo

From sombreros to pinatas we offer all the essentials to make this Cinco De Mayo Party the most memorable yet!

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Do you like Mariachi music, Mexican dancing, and Mexican food? It’s more than likely you love them all. And if that’s the case a Cinco De Mayo party is the party for you! We offer tons of Cinco de Mayo accessories to spruce up any fiesta this May 5th!

What is cinco de mayo mean?

The meaning of Cinco de Mayo is the 5th of May in Spanish and has been celebrated since 1862. This is when Mexico beat the French army in a very important battle. These days it’s important, but far from the seriousness of war.  Now instead of fighting people get together for a big party to eat, drink, and play games!

Why do we celebrate Cinco de mayo?

Like any holiday the original reason why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo has a different meaning than when it started. Sure it’s still celebrated to commemorate Mexico kicking Frances tush in a war hundreds of years ago. However now it represents a time when friends and family can get together and eat, drink, and play games. For all of these festivities and Cinco de Mayo party ideas, we have ample amounts of party accessories!

Cinco de mayo party ideas

From baked churros to sombrero centerpieces that are numerous Cinco de Mayo party ideas that will kick this year’s fiesta up a notch!  Whether you’re having a Cinco de Mayo for kids or adults party, we have the essentials and more! Don’t stress! Take a look at our honeycomb centerpieces or wooden maracas. These are the things that will take your party to the high level!

Cinco de mayo colors

Undoubtedly, Cinco de Mayo is one of the most colorful holidays out there. The main Cinco de Mayo colors people use to decorate are red, green, and white-the colors of the Mexican flag. But these are by no means the only colors. There are plenty of pinks, blues, yellows, and oranges used in the decor. We have many flags, tableware, and sombreros that not only contain the colors of the Mexican flag. These party supplies contain a rainbow of colors sure to boost your next fiesta to an all-time high!

Cinco de mayo party supplies

As far as Cinco De Mayo supplies are concerned, we have everything you need to decorate and eat your way through this holiday. We have beautiful centerpieces with different Mexican designs. For those wishing to get in the spirit, we have a Pancho for adults. And if it’s a table you need to decorate we have a beautiful plastic tablecloth that is sure to make any room glow!