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Fun summer party ideas that kids and adults will enjoy

Written By Ryan Barrett

Summer Party ideas? Maybe your mouth starts to contort uncomfortably thinking about it. The blazing never ending three-month inferno about to engulf your life. Or is it a smile that runs across your face? Because the snow has melted, things are in bloom and it’s daily poolside time. Whether you’re looking forward to it, or want to crawl back into that hole for winter hibernation, summer is coming. This means a couple of things- bbq, sweat, sunscreen, swimming, pool parties, and of course, what you’re going to wear while taking a dip and eating meat in a bun at these pool parties. And whether you’re looking forward to party planning and swimsuit shopping, or want to hide like a hibernating creature in dread, we have all the summer party ideas and garb to get this season sizzling.

What to wear to a summer party?

This can be kind of a tricky question. Because most likely there’s going to be some kind of body of water to swim in at a summer party. So what to wear? Do you wear your swimsuit under your clothes, or do I bring it to change into at the party? But that’s kind of a hassle. Asking your host to use their bathroom to change into your swimsuit. Should you just wear a swimsuit and not bother with civilian clothes? These are all questions you might have had to ponder, and there is no correct answer. 

A lot of the time the scene changes, and so does the answer to what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to wear it! One thing that doesn’t change is the need for a swimsuit. Regardless of if your current swimsuit is falling apart at the seams putting you at risk of indecent exposure, or you just want to get something new for yourself or the kids, we have pool noodles of options!

Kids Swimwear

Shopping for kids probably seems like a breeze for all those who aren’t parents out there. And then again everything about child rearing seems easy to those non-parents out there. When it comes to clothes, in this case, swimwear, just buy the little ones anything bright and functional. So the nonparents think. But if those people who are childless would think about all the times in an airport or supermarket when a snot-ridden toddler is screaming tantrum concertos, and they’re dying, praying to make it go away, these kidless adults would realize that it’s not that easy! Just try buying a boy a plain blue swimsuit and see his reaction. ‘But it doesn’t have Thomas the Train on it! Or a picture of Super Adorable Patrol! I hate it! I hate you!’ Ok, hopefully, that’s an embellishment. Either way, our shop has hundreds of kids’ swimwear to choose from. From one to a two-piece, we have different styles and designs to choose from. From shark-covered board shorts to Hawaiian floral pattern 2-pieces, any boy or girl will find something that will keep the tantrums away and the snot rockets at bay!

Adult Swimwear

While your parents out there are busy scanning our site for a suit for your little one, get something for yourself! We know that you constantly put your kids’ needs before you and selflessly buy swimsuits for them over yourself. That’s why your current swimsuit is frayed and tattered to the point of looking like an old dish rag wrapped around your waist. It doesn’t have to be this way! We have tons of designs that any dad would be happy with for a coupon-cutting low price!

How to plan summer party themes?

This might seem like an odd question to you. Odd because the answer seems so obvious. All you need to do is get some food, a table, a pool, and some music and you’re ready to go. Right? Well kinda. Indeed, you don’t need a whole lot to pull off a summer party. But there are plenty of different holidays and summer party themes to plan your party accordingly. You wouldn’t want to forget the flags on the 4th of July or throw the same type of party every summer. 

There are three essential elements to remember when planning any summer-themed party:

  1. Food- Make sure your food matches the theme. For example roast ham and pineapple for a Luau or margaritas for a Tex-Mex theme.
  2. Decor- This is not just limited to items such as flags and garlands. Be sure to use the appropriate colors. Red, white, and blue aren’t exactly appropriate for a Mexican fiesta.
  3. Clothing- Similar to colors you don’t want to wear the wrong thing or hand out the wrong party favor clothing to guests. Mardi Gras beads for the 4th of July would be a big no-no.

Now that we’ve named these 3 essentials let’s look further in detail at one of the most important: FOOD!

How to prepare summer party food?

Your guest goes to bite down on a piece of meat in a bun. Their face isn’t one of disgust but unpleasant surprise. You have the right decorations up- piñatas and vibrant Cinco de Mayo colored streamers lining the backyard fence. However, the look on their face is one from the first bite of a hotdog. They were expecting the usual Mexican-themed summer party foods such as carnitas, or at least some salsa to go with that weenie. The decor of your party may be perfect, which you no doubt spent a lot of time on. However, if you don’t have the right food or drink to match all that hard work can seem for nothing.

Preparing food and drink for your summer party isn’t difficult, it just takes time and the occasional research. If you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo or Mexican-themed party try Margaritas, salsa, and pork carnitas. And if you’re throwing a more adult wine or beer-tasting party do some research about the best Sumer wines or beers.

Fun summer party ideas that kids and adults will enjoy

Maybe it’s not how to plan a summer party, but the summer party ideas and summer party themes that agonize you. It hasn’t been difficult in the past for you to throw a summer or pool party. Hot dogs, hamburgers, punch, and brownies. Throw in some sparklers and you have your annual 4th of July party. This is a great party but you’ve been having it since before the invention of dirt. Additionally, you can tell your guests at this point are attending out of obligation than enjoyment with reluctant smiles as they accept yet another charred weenie. Below is a list of different summer party themes and tips that will put your house back on the neighborhood map of the best summer parties!

Pool party

There isn’t a party that can’t be made better than by a body of water for people to dip their nervous toes in. And I don’t mean a dirty rain puddle! Think of the worst party you’ve ever been to. Then think how you’d feel about it if you had a pool to relax or hide in. For this reason alone it’s essential to have a pool for any summer party. They break the tension and loosen up any partygoer. Any party theme goes well with a pool, you can even have a pool-themed party! 

Maybe all this is common knowledge to you. It’s redundant to hear. But what’s not redundant is the fact you don’t have a pool! Hearing all the above only makes you more nervous, because you’re well aware of it and don’t own a pool. This is where our shop comes in for the pool rescue. Our online store carries many different inflatable above-ground pools for kids or adults. From unicorn inflatable pools for a birthday or stars and stripes decorated inflatable pools for the 4th of July. And if you have a large yard and many people attending your party many of our pools come in sets of two or three to match any party size!

Beach Party

A Beach Party? Really? But I live in Oklahoma! Yes, having a beach party in a beachless place might seem absurd, but it’s exactly the reason why you should have one! The hardest thing to acquire might be some sand. However, even if you can’t find any sand all you need are the proper accessories to turn your backyard into an episode of Baywatch. First, get yourself the proper cooler for drinks and various appetizers. Our shop has a plethora of inflatable coolers that belong at the beach- from palm trees to inflatable cactuses to aliens! You’re going to need a cooler anyways, so why not get something that adds to the tropical spirit? Another essential for a beach party is beach toys. You might not think it’s that necessary as you wouldn’t use them, but trust us, plenty of little ones at your party will. We have anything from sand toy sets to an inflatable palm tree volleyball net. Kids have a great imagination so with a few of these toys it won’t matter whether you have a backyard beach of real sand or a backyard beach made of garden soil.

BBQ Party in your backyard

One of the most versatile types of summer parties is the BBQ. You can incorporate a BBQ into any summer party themes or type of summer party(the pool bbq or the beach bbq) or you can just have a good old-fashioned backyard bbq. If you do want to have a BBQ-themed summer party it’s a good idea to get classic or rustic decor. Such as lemonade served in mason jars or red and white plaid tablecloths. The more country-themed, making someone feel like they’re at a picnic on the sunflower-drenched farm field the better!

Pizza party

The quickest and undoubtedly easiest summer part you pull off is the pizza party. And for all you pizza lovers out there this is hands down the best kind of party for summer, winter, or whenever. Since the food prep is as easy as dialing Dominos you’ll have more time to decorate. Also, pizza parties are just as versatile as BBQs. You can decorate the party pizza-themed or serve pizza at a party of any summer party themes. We offer pizza-themed inflatable pool lounges or pizza-themed inflatable pools if you want to go all pizza out!

Go on a picnic in the Park

Need a reason to get all the neighbors together? Picnic! Picnics are great because you can have them almost anywhere where there’s enough space. To bring people together one suggestion is if you do have a picnic make it a potluck. Then all the guests have to coordinate what to bring. This work will give a sense of togetherness between picnic goers and make for a greater sense of community. And if you need something a little different in look and function for serving summer party food check out our picnic buffet serving bar. This is inflatable so it can hold ice and float on the water. Which makes it a great addition to pool party picnics as well!


So summer will soon be here. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating it or would rather burrow back into your winter hibernation hole. This entails a few things, including pool parties, swimming, barbecues, sunscreen, perspiration, and, of course, what you’re going to wear while swimming and chowing down on hamburgers. We hope the above tips, summer party ideas, and attire will make this season exciting, whether you’re looking forward to party planning and buying swimwear or want to hide like a hibernating creature in fear.

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