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2002 Spooky halloween costume ideas

Most Dangerous Scary Halloween Costumes Ideas

 Scary Halloween costume ideas Halloween is coming, and it’s time to get spooky! And you’re gonna need the perfect costume to get your fright on. And your kids will want to join the fun, too! With so many terrifying options out there, what should you choose? A classic, tried-and-true costume? Something unique? It’s so hard! Lucky for you, we fashioned a list of scary halloween costume ideas that’ll scare even your most fearless friends. You’ll find a ghoulishly delightful blend of classic, unique, and creative Halloween costumes in our recommendations below. Believe us when we say these are the best Halloween costumes to chill your friends to the bone. People will be screaming about how great your costume is! Keep reading to find the right costume for you and your kids this year! Scary costumes for kids Kids have two goals on Halloween. First and most importantly, get as much candy from as many houses (or trunks) as you can. And second, run around impressing the neighborhood in an awesome costume. Not every kid wants to be a cute pumpkin or a cool dinosaurs for Halloween, though. Some kids just want to be scary little ghosts and goblins, and we

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Scary halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Frighten Everyone

Hey ladies! Halloween grows closer each day, and you know what that means–it’s time to look for halloween costumes! But what kind of costume should you even wear? Scary? Funny? Sexy? All these options make it hard to pick something. And it’s even harder to find halloween makeup ideas to go with your costume. You want something unique yet simple for your look this year, right? Something easy to put together so you can spend more time having fun than getting ready? Worry not, dreadful darlings! We’ve put together some halloween makeup looks that’ll impress and terrify your friends! We even created step-by-step instructions for these makeup looks and recommended some convenient makeup kits to complete your ghoulish getup!  Scary Halloween Makeup Looks to Startle and Surprise Halloween gives people the chance to look creepy and scare their friends and family. It’s the one night of the year folks can throw on haunting attire and have some spooky fun. What’s some spooky fun without halloween face makeup to finish it off? You can’t frighten anyone without a scary costume and makeup, right? Right! So what sort of look will get the most spooks out of your colleagues? You could always

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Halloween trunk or treat ideas

2022 Best Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas [Decoration Guide]

Trunk or Treat Ideas 2022 [Decoration Guide] Ahh, Halloween. It’s the time of year when kids don their best costumes and hunt for as much candy as they can. Come Halloween night, parents release their children to roam their neighborhoods on the prowl for candy. But another option rose in popularity lately, and many parents prefer it: trunk or treat. You probably heard about it before, or even participated in it. Whether you’re familiar with the concept, we’ll give you the scoop on what it’s all about. We’ll also give you some great trunk or treat ideas for you to try!  What is trunk or treat? Trunk or treat is an alternative to traditional trick or treating. Cars loaded with candy in their trunks park in school or church parking lots (hence the name “trunk or treat”). Parents and guardians accompany their kids as they go from trunk to trunk stuffing their bags with precious sweets. People think it was started by churches to give kids a safer way to get their treats during the holiday. Many non-religious communities take part in it, too. Parents can keep a close eye on their children while the kids still get the trick-or-treating

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Halloween Inflatable Decor

Ultimate Guide to Halloween Inflatable Decorations

Ultimate Guide to Halloween Inflatable Decorations That’ll Spook Up Your Yard As Halloween draws closer, people are sprucing up their homes with all kinds of cute and creepy halloween inflatable decorations. People go all out to make their homes and yards ready for the spooky season. You have the classic jack-o-lanterns, window stickers, door signs, and those are all great! But one kind of decoration is taking the cake (or pumpkin pie)–inflatable decorations.  Inflatable halloween decorations have really blown up (pun intended) in recent years. They add charm to your yard like no other decoration can! If you are not familiar with inflatable decor, you might have some questions. But, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here!  Keep reading, we will also guide you to choose the best fitting decorations for your home!  You have questions–We have answers! You might consider adding them to your decoration collection, but you also probably have some concerns. Are you wondering“how do I keep inflatables upright?” to keep the yard always looking perfect!  Someone might also have some safety concerns for cleaning electronic decorations, such as inflatables. Sometimes it rains around Halloween, so  your other concern might be “can inflatables get wet?” Well, not to worry!

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These Inflatable Halloween Costumes Will Blow Your Mind! [2022 Costume Guide]

Eerie decorations, orange and black plastered all over town, pumpkins on every porch. It can only mean one thing…Halloween is coming! You know what that means–it’s time to get a new costume for the spooky season. Among all the costumes out there, one has certainly caught everyone’s attention: the inflatable costume. Inflatable costumes have skyrocketed in popularity, have you ever seen a viral video of the inflatable t-rex costume? Inflatable Halloween Costumes Guide @joyfyofficial Gotta Get In Shape For Hiking Season!😩 #hikingszn #hikingadventures #arizonahiking #hikeaz #funny #costume #arizona #mesaarizona #skeleton #dinosaur ♬ Eye of the Tiger (From “Rocky Balboa”) – Mike J. Wallace You’ve probably seen people wearing them in recent years, bouncing around and having a good time. Sure, they’re silly, but that’s the fun of it! You’re bound to have some good laughs when you’re rocking one of these. You might be wondering how they work, or what kinds of inflatable costumes you can get. If you find yourself asking these questions, read on! We’re here to answer all your inflatable costume questions! How do inflatable costumes work?  You probably have a lot of questions about inflatable costumes: Are they loud? Will I get hot in them? How

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Best Places to Buy Graduation Party Supplies (Budget Friendly)

Introduction: Do you have a new graduate in your life? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. When you or someone you know reaches the milestone of finishing high school or college, it’s the ultimate accomplishment! It’s the beginning of a life’s next chapter, and here at Joyfy, we love any excuse to celebrate. So, if you have a graduation party to plan, check out our favorite places to find graduation party supplies and party favors that are budget friendly but won’t sacrifice on style. With these tips, you can put together an epic graduation party that will WOW your guests and make the grad feel as special as possible.  Where to buy graduation party supplies   When it comes to planning a graduation party, you want to pull out all the stops –great food, activities, and decorations! Let the new grad decide on the color palette, theme, and food at the party. Retailers like Party City and Walmart have a wide selection of graduation decorations, party supplies, and party favors.       Party City    Get your friends in the Graduation 2022 spirit with party supplies and decorations from Party City. Their assortment of hanging decorations, table decorations, confetti, and autograph pens makes

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Cinco de Mayo party

15 Epic Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas For the Ultimate Fiesta

Hola Joyfy fam! In our previous Cinco de Mayo posts, we learned about the history of this holiday and amazing ways to decorate your casa. This holiday has all the traits of a good time: good food and drinks, bright colors and an excuse to hang with your friends! With that said, we’d like to give you some easy Cinco de Mayo party ideas you can do at home or at the office. So round up your amigos, whip up some enchiladas, and read on! Cinco de Mayo for Adults: How you can celebrate (respectfully) Cinco de Mayo is easily one of the most celebrated –but least understood holidays in America –with many people thinking it’s Mexican Independence Day. As we learned, the holiday commemorates a ragtag Mexican army winning the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862. Everyone loves an underdog story, which is why Cinco de Mayo has such staying power! Not to mention, the holiday has become a celebration of Mexican culture, so take some time out to support local Hispanic owned businesses. Share the Real Story Once you learn the significance of day, we think overcoming unbeatable odds and defending one’s homeland are themes to

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22 Graduation Party Ideas Not to Miss

Hooray! It’s finally graduation season. Are you #proudparent with a special graduate in your life? If so, you were there for all the hard work that led up to this moment, and it calls for a celebration! After the caps are thrown high in the sky, continue the milestone with a special party. Explore these graduation party ideas we have listed below to gain inspo for throwing a fabulous bash on a budget. To keep it affordable, why not make your own graduation party decorations DIY style? Celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments and create lasting memories by making your space looking fun and fabulous. Ok, enough of our speech, let’s get this graduation 2022 party started!  Grad party 101: Make graduation party decorations at home If you’re the crafty kind, and looking to save money, why not make your own unique decorations that will look as nice as anything you find in a store. Plue, there’s tons of resources online on how to craft DIY party decorations.  See our list graduation party ideas below! Here’s some examples we love!  Give the gift of a sugar rush, and make your own candy bouquet!   Before the party, have a cap decorating party so your

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5 Festive Ways to Have The Ultimate Cinco De Mayo!

How is Cinco De Mayo Celebrated? Hint: There’s more to this Mexican holiday than tacos and tequila. If you are old enough to go out and imbibe a cocktail once in a while, (or maybe you’re not…), it’s extremely possible you’re aware of the traditional Mexican holiday that happens every year on the 5th of May: Cinco de Mayo!  In honor of this festive holiday where we eat Mexican food and throw back some cold beverages, we want to explore the history behind the celebration and why it has so much meaning here in America. With so many hispanic immigrants in the U.S. the traditions they’ve brought with them are literally celebrated all over America. We think that’s magnifico, so let’s dive in together! Why do we celebrate Cinco De Mayo? All over America, Mexican restaurants, cantinas and even non-Mexican drinking establishments do special Cinco de Mayo celebrations —usually in the form of drink and food deals. In America, it’s yet another holiday we use an excuse to go out and F-I-E-S-T-A…if you catch our drift. Hey, it’s the cold frosty margarita truth, isn’t it?   Meaning behind the 5th of May Often mistakenly for Mexican Independence Day, no lo es!

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7 Easy Cinco de Mayo Decoration Ideas

Before the official start of summer (Memorial Day), there’s one holiday we can’t forget: Cinco de Mayo! The holiday commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla where a poor, ragtag Mexican army defeated the better equipped French forces. The Mexican army was vastly outnumbered, so the win was a true underdog victory! Cinco de Mayo came to symbolize resilience against all odds and a day to celebrate Mexican culture. And for Americans, it’s known for drinking cervezas, eating tacos and Cinco De Mayo parties! Throwing a party with Cinco de Mayo decorations is a fun way to get in on the holiday action. Plus, you can throw a fiesta-themed party at any time! Here are our Cinco de Mayo 2022 celebration ideas you can’t miss! Things you need for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo fiesta Mexican fiestas are full of bright and bold colors and decorations. Hanging banners, piñatas, paper flowers and balloons are all fair game. There’s a good chance the weather will be nice, so accessorizing with outdoor and indoor decorations will bring the full fiesta effect. In fact, fiesta party decorations are so much fun, you won’t want to take them down! Pro tip: Party City also has

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17 Pool Floats You Need To Chill Out This Summer 

When the scorching summer temps hit, there’s one thing that pops into everyone’s mind: “just get me to the pool!” And we know swimming laps is great for you and all, but lounging on quality pool floats can make pool time SO. MUCH. BETTER. If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, our SLOOSH line of pool floats for adults and kids are just the ticket to chill-ville. Grab a hat, shades, and that guilty pleasure read because we want to show you some of the best pool floats that will make for some seriously delightful dip sessions. Grab matching pool floats for friends and family  Yes, you heard that right. Make your guests feel at home by giving them their own pool float to use! Even better if the floaties are themed. Throwing a birthday or themed party? Grab a set of pool floats that fit the theme. Set out the snacks and have a wet and wild time! Here at Joyfy, we love a good sugar rush, so it stands to reason we designed this set of SLOOSH Donuts with Glitter Pool Floats. Set includes: 3 inflatable pool tubes with one Strawberry Dream Donut Tube, one Chocolate

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11 Best Beach Toys for Kids this Summer 2022

We all know the summer can be long and hot. So, hopefully, a beach vacation is in your future. One where you can relax and work on your tan, all while taking in the calming sounds of the ocean waves. That all sounds like a dream, right? While beach days sound great in theory (because they are!) the reality could be more stressful with children in tow. Because you need to A. watch them like a hawk and B. keep them entertained. But, it’s not all a lost cause. You can still get the R&R you need… if you have a great set of beach toys. It’s that whole keeping the kids entertained thing, remember? While we can’t help you babysit, we can give you our list of the best beach toys for kids that will make your day at the beach even more enjoyable!    Summer break = more time to play! Kids love summer! They get more hours of playtime which translates to less time playing on screens. Screen-free play is crucial for allowing imaginations to wander. When kids are left to free play, their creativity is ignited and with that comes more time for problem-solving and using critical

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