Activity Rugs & Tracks

Race car tracks, wooden train sets, or a car rug playmat, we have all the rockin’ racin’ necessities to keep your little conductor or race car driver movin’!

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Whether it’s kids rugs, a dinosaur playmat, or even a car rug playmat our super selection of speedalicious activities will increase playtimes MPH!

Kids play rug

Any playmat you choose from out of our detailed selection will keep the little city inspectors busy! We have two city carpet kids room rugs that each come with 12 pull-and-release vehicles or one giant 2-piece city carpet

Dinosaur rug

This roaring dinosaur playmat and playset includes a 31-inch soft fabric mat that also functions as a Jurrasic Park-like map.  It also comes with 15 kinds of dinosaurs and 8 different vehicles to roam the map with!

Car rug playmat 

We offer 3 different car rug playmat sets that are designed as a city map. Two of these speedy kids rugs come with 12 various pull-and-release vehicles and the other comes with two giant city playmats that you can separate and connect to create one giant cityscape!

Train set 

There’s a natural inclination for a kid to want to be a conductor at some point in their young life! Luckily, we have the right set of train tracks for them!

Wooden train set 

Our wooden train set is so unique you’ll be hearing ‘choo choo’ sounds throughout the house in no time! It comes with 62 pieces of wooden tracks and 8 different pillars so your little conductor will be able to build various kinds of tunnels and bridges!

Christmas train set 

If the holiday season approaches look no further than our selection of Christmas train set. We have 4 different train sets all of which are electric and can either be set up around a tree or designed in a free-form manner by Thomas the Train lover of the house!