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The tradition of giving Easter baskets can trace back to Germany in the 1600s. People would give their children baskets filled with candy, eggs, and other goodies. Today, those same traditions are still alive and well. Only now there are tons of different types of Easter baskets available to choose from!

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is a great time to get creative with your kid’s Easter baskets. Here are some of the best Easter basket ideas for you to choose from:

Bamboo Easter Baskets

Bamboo easter basket is a great way to celebrate your favorite holiday. Bamboo is a sustainable, eco friendly material that is strong and durable. It’s also beautiful and you can also use it for many different types of craft projects.

Plastic Easter Baskets

Plastic easter baskets are a smart way to keep your little one’s Easter basket safe and secure. Your child will love the bright color, fun shapes, and soft textures of these plastic baskets.

These easter basket plastic is also easy to clean and they are perfect for storing all sorts of items. You can even use them to store toys or use them as a place to store anything you want after Easter celebration.

Stainless Steel Bucket

Steel buckets are a great way to serve Easter candy. They are also a fun way to store Easter eggs. Use them for decorating or as gifts. These buckets are made of steel and then powder coated for a durable finish. They are lightweight enough for kids to carry around, but sturdy enough for adults to use as well!

Foldable Bucket

Foldable bucket makes you easy to store when not in use, so you don’t need to worry about them take up much space. These foldable bucket use plastic material, making them quite sturdy, long lasting and easy to clean. The material is flexible enough that you can easily bend the bucket in half and fold it up into its original shape again.

Easter baskets for kids

For an Easter basket, put in a basket with a few pastel colors, and fill it with a bunch of different things. You can put in little plastic eggs that have candy inside. You could also put in some small toys or stuffed animals.

Our Easter baskets for kids include stuffed animals, plush toys, dolls and much more. Kids love getting a fun new toy in their Easter basket on Easter morning. Our selection of stuffed animals includes everything from teddy bears to cute little bunnies that are perfect for filling up those Easter baskets!

We also have some really cute plush toys that are sure to be a big hit with your little one this year. There is something for every age in our selection of Easter baskets for kids. From baby to toddler, we have just what you need to make this year’s holiday extra special for your child!

Easter buckets 

Easter buckets are better than plastic easter gift bags.This year, why not make a change?

Instead of getting your kids plastic bags to put their Easter treats in, give them an Easter bucket instead.Baskets are better for the environment and they can be used again and again.

The best thing about baskets is that some of them have prefilled easter eggs. You can also fill empty easter egg hunt basket with cookies, candy, or even toiletries (like toothbrushes) and use them as gifts throughout the year!

Bunny Easter Basket

Our bunny basket is a great Easter basket for any child. Its bright colors and fun shapes are sure to bring joy to your child’s day. This 3D bunny easter basket is made for 100% cotton fabric and stuffed with poly fill for softness. This is a great choice for kids carrying during egg hunting!