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Shamrock And Roll!St Patricks day celebrations Ideas

Written By Ryan Barrett What’re the popular st patricks day celebrations? You walk into your favorite bar. But is it your favorite bar? Metallic green garlands and flags scream from every corner and wall. The patrons all scream traditional Irish songs as well. You turn to someone you know to ask what’s going on. As you open your mouth to ask, they stick a cup of Guinness to your lips. Except the Guinness is

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5 Surprising Facts About St. Patrick’s Day (And Ways to Celebrate)

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! March 17th will be here before you know it and you know what that means – St.Patrick’s Day! Put on the green (pinchers be gone!), hit the pubs, and order those green beers. Preferably in that order! While St. Patrick’s Day isn’t technically an official holiday, (as in no day off work) this holiday is a spirited day celebrating all things Irish culture and good old fashioned shenanigans.

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