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From tea parties to makeup sets, we offer the most extensive collection because girls do toys best!

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The range of toys for girls out there is extensive. Because we know girls are meticulous when it comes to playtime, we have created a very detailed selection of tea party and beauty salon sets. From a toy makeup vanity kit to a unicorn tea party set we offer the most detailed girl toys to engage in playtime. Because it is proven girls are more verbal in their playtime, our extensive collection of toys for girls will facilitate their use of communication and vocabulary development!

Makeup toys

How many times have you walked into the scene of your little one putting on generous amounts of your lipstick? Though it’s extremely cute, on the other hand, they also look like a Joaquin Phoenix Joker incarnate. Not to mention your walls might have gotten a lipstick makeover as well! To encourage this love of makeup without the mess we have a wide variety of makeup toys.  Our 18-piece pretend makeup deluxe kit, for example, comes with non-toxic toy lipstick and nail polish. Now your little ones can safely do themselves up as mommy, with little mess and easy cleanup!

Tea party set

Whether it’s a tea party scene from Little Women or Alice in Wonderland, kids have been playing tea parties since the invention of the cup! Our detailed tea party set carries on this tradition! This unicorn tea party play set comes with 35 pieces! Not only does it come with a vibrant unicorn-decorated teapot and cups, but with a carry box and fake tea time food!

Toy jewelry

You walk into your room, and there’s your little one wearing almost every necklace and bracelet you own.There’s almost lost in gold and silver and look like a cute version of Dorthy’s tin man. No doubt this is nice to see and encourages their verbal skill it is not sustainable! Your jewelry is precious and eventually might go missing or those diamonds become booger encrusted! To fill this need to don the princess’s necklace and save your jewelry at the same time we offer an array of toy jewelry. For example, our princess jewelry boutique comes with four studded crowns and pairs of princess slippers. To say nothing of the toy shoe shelf it comes with to house the slippers! Your kids will have princess outfits for weeks!

Beauty salon toy

In a similar fashion to playing with toy makeup, little girls love playing in a beauty salon. And if you have a daughter we don’t need to tell you that! How often have you walked in on your little one trying to blow dry their hair for example? Our makeup vanity set is the perfect set of girl toys that will have them running their salon. And saving your blow drier at the same time! This set comes with a toy hair drier, hot iron, and everything to run their imaginary beauty parlor!