Cinco De Mayo Inflatables

We have the most festive inflatable Cinco de many Inflatables for this year's party!

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What does Cinco de mayo mean?

The Cinco de mayo meaning is the 5th of May. This Cinco de Mayo celebration celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in 1862. People celebrate it with parties, parades, and traditional music. One great way people decorate their parties and houses is with pinatas and inflatables. For this reason, we offer a plethora of Cinco De May decorations. These huge Cinco de Mayo inflatables add a lot of color to any backyard family or office Cinco De Mayo celebration!

Cinco De Mayo Inflatables

One extremely important element of Cinco de Mayo celebrations is decorations. Colorful, vibrant decor that ranges from flowers to sombreros to flags. Maybe your decorations are getting a bit old and boring at this point. And you need some further pinata ideas. To add to these incredible and colorful decorations we offer a selection of Cinco de Mayo yard inflatables. These yard inflatables will not only add to the color and festivities of your party but make your house stand out in the neighborhood!

Cinco de mayo avocado

Food is a big part of any festivity, especially Cinco de Mayo. Our large inflatable Cinco de Mayo Avacado and Chili will fit nicely at any party. Put it next to the party bowl of guacamole and hear the riotous laughs ensue! This pair of inflatables are 6 feet long and sure to keep the party rolling!

Inflatable cactus

To go with your chili and avocado inflatables have a cactus. A real one lining your driveway is nice, but even nicer is our inflatable cactus! This large green mustachioed inflatable cactus will look perfect behind your patch or real cactuses or next to the food table.

Donkey inflatable

What is more synonymous with Cinco de Mayo than a big inflatable donkey? Our donkey inflatable dons a sombrero and is wearing a happy Cinco de Mayo banner. This is an excellent addition to your driveway. It will let passers-by where the party’s at!

Inflatable pinata

Pinatas are great fun, but also decorative. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a pinata that didn’t have to be destroyed in a hail of plastic bats? One that could decorate your party forevermore? That’s why we created this inflatable pinata! Not exactly a unicorn pinata, but just as fun! It’s 6ft tall! Good luck to the kids who want to take this colorful pinata down at that size!