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Whether you need a bright colorful tablecloth or a Mexican-themed tableware set, we have all the Cinco de Mayo party decorations to brighten up any fiesta!

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Decorating is one of the most important aspects of Cinco de Mayo. It’s a great way for people to express themselves and have fun at the same time. These decorations not only show off the many great parts of Mexican culture but also create a vibrant atmosphere. For all of your Cinco de Mayo party decorations, we have you covered!

Cinco de mayo party decorations

Do you like Mexican food, mariachi music, and colorful decorations? It’s more than likely, you dig them all! If so, Cinco de Mayo is the fiesta for you! To make sure your house looks the most vibrant this May 5, we offer a ton of Cinco de Mayo party decorations for any part of the house!

Cinco de mayo flag

To decorate the outside or inside of your house this Cinco de Mayo we offer a set of fiesta Cinco de Mayo flag pennants. These flags come in 5 colors to add to your party’s vibrance. They come in 375ft made of 300n flags. That’s a lot of flags! Not only are they good for house decor but decorations for parties at the park or office!

Cinco de mayo balloons

If you need to decorate a whole house or large office check out our 27-piece Cinco de Mayo party decoration set. This set comes with not only large avocado, cactus balloons, and assorted party balloons. It also comes with garlands, paper flowers, and a giant Cinco de Mayo banner that is a fiesta balloon sign!

Paper fan decorations

One great aspect of Cinco de May decor is the paper fan. These colorful paper fan decorations come in many different shapes and are perfect for decorating an office or house. Our set comes with 24 vibrant pieces. Spread them out and cover every wall and corner in your house or office. They even make excellent outdoor decor for your fiestas at the park!

How to make a paper fan?

Making our paper fans are a breeze. Here are 5 easy how to make a paper fan steps:

  1. Take the paper fan out of the package.
  2. Remove the paper strip, exposing the double-sided adhesive
  3. Gently and slowly open the paper fan
  4. Stick the adhesive together, joining both ends of the fan
  5. Use a paper clip to secure the paper fan, to ensure the adhesive holds