The nativity scene is by far the most popular Christmas tradition to come from Christianity.

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Christmas is in the air, and nativity scene is everywhere! The most common Christmas decorations are nativity scenes. They have been around for over 2000 years, so they are not just a modern tradition. The word nativity comes from the Latin word “nascor” which means “to be born.”

Why choose a nativity scene for Christmas decor? 

A nativity scene is a representation of the birth of Jesus. In some cases, there are also elements from the New Testament and Old Testament in the scene. Nativity scenes were popular in Europe during the Middle Ages and have been produced by many cultures since then.

The first surviving nativity scenes come from 4th century Rome and Egypt. The earlier depictions show Roman soldiers, who were typically present at both births and deaths of important people, but later scenes simply showed shepherds and Wise Men. Medieval nativity plays were often performed by street performers until they were banned by the Church in 1442 because they distracted worshippers from hearing mass on Christmas Day.

Tim to Pick Your nativity scene set 

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