From neon glitter chalk to fun cone-shaped chalk, we offer many different variations of chalk that any kid will like!

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Children are naturally drawn towards drawing on things. Desks, walls, and the ultimate- the sidewalk. That’s why sidewalk chalk is one of the greatest inventions for children of our modern age. Sometimes though kids need more than simple sidewalk chalks. For that reason, we offer not only simple sidewalk chalk but different kinds of chalk, from jumbo to cone-shaped.

What is chalk paint?

What is chalk paint? Chalk paints, or chalk, is water-based and often used in classrooms or on sidewalks by many a kid. Chalk drawings are so popular because they not only allow a child to express themselves freely, but they’re easy to clean!

Sidewalk chalks

Sidewalk chalks are undeniably one of the most popular kinds of chalks paint washable. Our wonderful set of sidewalk chalk comes with 60 pieces. This set comes with almost every color a kid could want. Because there’s such a wide selection of colors kids can make any kind of picture they desire! From a park scene to a UFO anything is game!

If your little ones love wacky colors and shaped chalk then this is the set for them! This 36-piece set comes in 3 different types of chalk- tie dye, neon, and glitter. They’re also shaped like a pencil at the end. So kids can feel as if the sidewalk is one giant piece of paper!

Jumbo sidewalk chalk

What kid doesn’t appreciate and go bananas for giant things? This set of jumbo chalk will be no exception! This set comes with 12 different colors and 108 jumbo-sized pieces of chalk marker. With a set, this large your kids won’t run out of enjoyment any time soon!