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Our selection of educational toys and learning toys cover all areas of learning for a kid’s mental development.

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The number of learning toys to improve and enhance a child’s development is almost endless. If you’re looking for a toy that will expand a child’s mental capacity you’ve come to the right place! Need toy bricks to build not only motor skills but memory skills? You’ve come to the right place!

What are educational toys?

Educational toys are defined as items of play that are often developed for children and are intended to enhance learning. We have a wide selection of toys that will enhance a child’s learning in many different subjects!

What is a stem learning toy?

STEM toys utilize science, technology, engineering, and math. Moreover, these stimulating toys for toddlers enhance the development of children’s cognitive talents, such as logical reasoning. Many of our toys are specifically designed with STEM in mind. To help improve your child’s cognitive development while having fun at the same time!

Best learning toys for toddlers

The best learning toys for toddlers are ones that encourage them to think three-dimensionally. Toys that will help them expand their language and cognitive skills. We have many musical toys and stimulating toys designed for fun and to help develop their motor and cognitive skills.

Musical toys

Speaking of developing motor skills we offer a wide variety of musical toys. Our mini piano toy has 24 keys along with programmed songs to keep the kids moving and even stop playing. This educational toy also has a recording function to allow kids to hear themselves. This is the first step on the road to being a great musician!

Bath books

Reading is the foundation of most educational development. Therefore our bath books not only encourage that but are made to last. Our bath books are also very interactive to instill the joy of reading at a young age

 Toy bricks

Our set of toy bricks allows children the best opportunity to develop their motor and critical thinking skills at the same time! This set is 180 pieces of different colors and shaped bricks. Undeniably toy bricks are a great way for kids to learn not only their colors but also their shapes. And if they’re a little older than toddlers they’ll be able to learn how to build more advanced structures as well.

 Stimulating toys

Stimulating toys are known to be some of the best for cognitive development. Basically, they allow children to process natural world environments in a fun way. Our stimulating toys for toddlers come with an assortment of items that will develop many different motor skills. For example, the toy belt and shoelace can teach a kid hand-eye coordination while the toy buttons can show a child how to dress themselves. That is to say, they’ll be having fun while doing you a favor at the same time!