For a child's mental growth, our range of baby toys includes learning materials for every subject.

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Baby toys encompass a large number of toys. Playing with a baby toy your infant learns and develops social, problem-solving, and emotional abilities over time.

Baby development toys

Our baby learning toys are a great way to develop their cognitive skills! They pick up on colors, sounds, numbers, and shapes while having fun at the same time! Our Alphabet Robot Action Figure set includes all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter transforms into a robot- an alphabot. All the alphabots can then be used to create one giant robot! What a great way to learn colors and the alphabet simultaneously. The Stack-up Cups and Blocks set is a 3-in-1. With this, your baby can learn numbers, shapes, and the alphabet simultaneously!

Babies musical toys

We provide a wide selection of baby musical toys for the development of motor skills and memory skills. The Dancing and Walking Duck baby toy play 7 different songs. Each song is synced to the flashing duck heart-shaped light.  Additionally, the duck flaps its wings and dances to the songs as well. This will get your baby excited to sing and dance. Who knows you may have the next James Brown on your hands

Baby bath toys

The bath is one of the best resources out there when it comes to a baby’s playtime. For this reason, some of the best baby toys are indeed baby bath toys. Some of our best baby development toys are our soft baby cloth bath books. Our 3 piece baby book set is made of cloth and therefore extremely soft. It’s also waterproof, so no worries if your infant decides to play sinking ship! Each of these books teaches a child about different kinds of animals and is extremely easy to dry. Each book has a squeaker sound to boost cognitive abilities. What truly great baby development toys!