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From toy construction trucks to police vans to toy fire truck toys find all your diecast toy cars on our site!

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Diecast toys, diecast cars specifically, have always been the solid kind of toy that is built to last! These diecast cars are made to be passed down to different generations. Grandfather passed them to the father who passed them to the son! Our massive selection of diecast toys will create generations of little firefighters or construction workers that do meaningful work and have fun in the process!

Toy construction trucks 

We offer three different sets of diecast construction toys to choose from. Two different diecast toy sets come with 11 pieces or 25 pieces. Each of the mini-construction toys fits nicely into one giant semi-truck. We also have a construction transport helicopter with 6 diecast vehicles and 12 action figures. The vehicles fit perfectly in the helicopter!

Diecast police cars

What little boy, and sometimes girl, don’t dream of catching the bad guy, the robber? With our selection of two different sets of diecast police cars, your little police officer will catch a whole lotta, of bad guys! Each set comes with either 11 or 25 pieces and the diecast vehicles fit nicely into a large semi-truck carrier.

Fire truck toy 

Sometimes it’s not a bank our little ones want to save but a cat from a tree. Or people from a burning building! For this, we offer two different diecast fire truck toy sets. One set comes with 25 pieces- 12 various diecast vehicles that fit nicely into the semi-truck carrier and 12 plastic firefighter figurines. The other 10-piece set comes with various firefighter diecast vehicles that fit nicely into a giant toy fire truck.