Looking for some Halloween props ideas?

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Halloween Props Ideas

For some people, Halloween is a time to dress up like a witch or a vampire and scare friends and neighbors. For others, it’s a time to dress up like witches and vampires and scare everyone else. With that in mind, here are some of the best Halloween props for the kid who wants to be truly scary this year:

Witch Broom

The witch broom is a classic Halloween prop and a must for any witch. The broom is simple to make, but it can take some time to get the look just right. The trick is to keep the bristles in place while you’re painting them. We carry different styles of witch broom and you pick one you like here at Joyfy!

Toy Axe

Most kids love playing with toy weapons, especially during Halloween. This toy axe has an orange plastic handle and an 18-inch long wooden shaft with an imitation metal blade attached at the end so it looks just like one of those axes used by lumberjacks back in the old days!