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Whether you need a creative calendar or a cool chalkboard, we carry school supplies to give your little ones an extra edge this year.

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As summer ends it means one thing: the school year is approaching. Getting ready for school is a busy task, laced with stress. One of the more hectic aspects of getting the kids ready for school is finding the right cute school supplies. We have an excellent selection of preschool classroom supplies and other school supplies that will assist you and your little ones for the coming year. It’s not uncommon for kids to get bored of receiving the same old stationary every school year. That’s why we have created a wonderful selection of innovative school supplies that will add a little extra encouragement this year.


One thing synonymous with school is the chalkboard. Most kids unfortunately don’t think of the chalkboard as something fun. That’s why we’ve devised a bunch of fun chalkboards that will keep kids engaged and excited about school. Our first day of school chalkboard comes in a pack of three. Kids can write their name, grade, favorite class, and other organizational information to get them excited about class! These chalkboards make an excellent chalkboard background for any kitchen or bedroom wall. Get out your chalkboard paint and let the excitement commence!

Magnetic calendar

For kids that are just learning to count and tell the date, our magnetic pocket kids calendar is the perfect learning tool. This magnetic calendar comes with not only the numbers and months of the calendar but also different flash cards to assist a child’s learning.

Back to school banner

For some decor that will get kids excited about school check out our back-to-school banner. This set comes with two banners with encouraging phrases that will pump the little ones up. Hang them on the wall or fence outside, it’s time to get excited about school!