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Fun summer party ideas that kids and adults will enjoy

Written By Ryan Barrett Summer Party ideas? Maybe your mouth starts to contort uncomfortably thinking about it. The blazing never ending three-month inferno about to engulf your life. Or is it a smile that runs across your face? Because the snow has melted, things are in bloom and it’s daily poolside time. Whether you’re looking forward to it, or want to crawl back into that hole for winter hibernation, summer is coming. This means a couple of things- bbq, sweat, sunscreen, swimming, pool parties, and of course, what you’re going to wear while taking a dip and eating meat in a bun at these pool parties. And whether you’re looking forward to party planning and swimsuit shopping, or want to hide like a hibernating creature in dread, we have all the summer party ideas and garb to get this season sizzling. What to wear to a summer party? This can be kind of a tricky question. Because most likely there’s going to be some kind of body of water to swim in at a summer party. So what to wear? Do you wear your swimsuit under your clothes, or do I bring it to change into at the party? But

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bath bombs for kids

15+ Best Bath Bombs For Kids Gift Set [Ultimate Guide]

Written By Ryan Barrett Bath bombs, specifically bath bombs for kids, are the most important thing in your bathroom. Is this a controversial statement? More important than toothpaste or deodorant. Maybe not for you, but how about your little one? Do they care about clean teeth? Smelling good? Or bubbles? If you have a bathtub, you probably realize the importance of bubbles in your existence! Even more so if you are a parent! Sure you may like a nice bubble bath from time to time. The lack of bubbles isn’t the end of everything, right? ‘Wrong!’ Says every parent reading this. Most of you parents out there know that a bubbleless bath is a declaration of a war fought with tantrum bombs and surface-to-surface snot missiles. A lot of you parents out there know that after a while even bubbles cease to cut the mustard. Kids get bored. And when kids get bored it’s World Snot War Three! As many of you parents probably know one way to keep bubbles exciting is bombs. Bath bombs for kids. They are a great way to add an extra element to the bubble bath. It changes the whole experience, especially for kids.  Worry

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