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Little ones will get movin’ and workin’ with our selection of RC cars.

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RC cars have been around for more than 5 decades. Let us help you to continue this tradition of remote control cars. Our selection of RC toy cars will help your little one develop hand-eye coordination and have fun in the process.

Military remote control car

It’s most likely that your little one fancies themself a little soldier. That’s great but to keep them from turning your house into a barracks check out our military remote control car set! It not only comes with an RC military car but three army man figures and an attack dog.

Remote control construction toys

We offer two different sets of remote control construction toys. One set comes with a remote control that is also a power drill and four different RC toy cars. This multi-function tool will keep your little construction worker drilling for hours! The other set comes with two different construction vehicles, each with a remote control.

Remote control police car

Our fantastic option of a remote control police car. This RC toy set comes with not only a police truck but remote control fire truck as well!  The remote controls are shaped like steering wheels to have your little officer or firefighter engaged for hours!

Remote control fire truck

The two sets of remote control fire truck will inspire any child to be a little hero. One of the sets includes a remote control drill which can be used to modify the fire engine into five different kinds of fire trucks. Our other set comes with a moveable ladder, flashing siren, and five different firefighter figures