For all the future engineers and marble maniacs out there check out our selection of Marble Run sets

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Marble run toy is a perfect way to hone a child’s mental and physical developmental skills. They can help build a child’s confidence. After a kid sees what they have made with their marble run ideas they will have a real sense of accomplishment.  And since Christmas is coming up our marble run toys will fit perfectly under any tree.

Marble run set

We offer 3 different marble runs sets that vary in several pieces and designs. Which is the best marble runs set? It depends on how many pieces you think your child can handle! There is either 162, 170, or 190-piece set. The 162-piece set is dinosaur themed for all the little Dinosuar park fanatics. What your glass marbles zoom by pictures of T-rexs and stegasauruses. This will put a kid in the mindset that they are zooming through prehistoric land.

Besides the size, our 170 and 190-piece sets are very similar. They both come with many different pieces that will challenge and develop a child’s problem-solving skills. See the joy on your child’s face as they discover how to send a marble through a plastic windmill and down a whirling plastic funnel!

Also, for an extremely large set we offer a 250 piece one. With this set there are even more twisting and turning parts. Kids can create a marble run city of their own! And this one is so big it’s great to use with friends. Henceforth it will be an excellent way to build teamwork skills and above all friendship!