St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Inflatable Leppercauns and rainbows are your lucky St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Charms this holiday.

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People have been celebrating St Patrick’s day with St Patrick’s Day decorations for hundreds of years. Many people have been using green and shamrocks to commemorate St. Patrick as a hero of Irish folklore. The tradition was brought to the US with Irish immigrants and has been thriving ever since!

St Patrick’s day inflatables

People have been using St Patrick’s Day decorations like St. Patrick’s day inflatable for nearly as long as people have been celebrating St. Patrick’s day. They are, and have been, used extensively in parades. When you think of a St. Patrick’s Day parade, it’s most likely the inflatable floats that come to mind. Giant green clovers and pots of gold lined the sky for miles. But what if you could get some of these festive floats for your front lawn? With our St. Patrick’s day inflatables you can!

Inflatable rainbow arch

There are a few things more synonymous with St. Patrick’s day decor than pots of gold and rainbows. Our inflatable rainbow arch will give your house this classic but updated rainbow decoration. The whole neighborhood will be flocking to your house to find the pot of gold!

Inflatable leprechaun

Besides Santa and his elves, leprechauns are some of the most liked and well-known holiday icons. Our 8ft jumbo inflatable leprechaun will adorn your party with the classic St Patrick’s Day decorations icon. However, our icon is, though traditional a leprechaun like you haven’t seen before. It’s smiling and holding a giant beer! It’ll be the liveliest member of your party!

St patricks day door decor

If you’re in need of indoor or other St. Patricks Day door decor you’ve come to the right place. We have an excellent 25-piece set comprised of banners and tassels that is good for indoor or outdoor decoration. We also have wonderful Shamrocks that can be strung together to put on a door outside or stuck to a window inside!