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18 Water Toys to Beat the Heat

Hey all you Moms out there! Summer is quickly approaching you know what that means…a long summer break with your kiddos. We feel that. Finding activities to keep them occupied can seem like a challenge, but what’s one thing we can all agree on? That cooling off and having fun in the water is mandatory! Whether it’s at the pool, beach, or even a backyard hose, there’s nothing like splashing around with all your friends –water park style! So we want to bring out our list of the best water toys that will keep all kids –from toddler to tween (parents too!) totally soaked and happy this summer. PS. Don’t forget the sunscreen!  

Create a mini- ‘water park’ with water toys at the beach, pool or backyard!

Water toys and the great outdoors go together like peanut butter and jelly…or [insert your favorite food combo here]. Bring extra towels because our assortment of water blasters, sprinklers, and water slides will kick-start some seriously epic H2O days your kids will go wild for. Our water toy picks for Summer 2022 will keep your kids having a blast for hours on end.

Water Toys: Water Blasters 

Water Blasters, like water guns are the ultimate water party accessory because they blast super streams of cool water and are the key ingredient in any water fight.  So. Much. Fun! 

Water guns 

We’re well aware that kids have loved water guns since the beginning of time. Unless you’re a stick-in-the-mud, almost everyone loves a water fight! Plus, for the ultimate water fight to really take off, it’s imperative to have a whole assortment of water toys on hand to really mix it up.  

Water gun, water blasters, water toy
  • Next, watch the excitement unfold even more as you come fully loaded with the 4 Pack Hand Pistol Squirt Toy Water Gun. 
  • Having a party for your kiddo? Get equipped with the Assorted Water Guns, 24 Pack. This SUPER VALUE includes 24 assorted water gun squirt toys with bright colors and unique designs. 

Water blaster tubes

  • Finally, if you’re looking to have some long range water shooting, grab the 18 pack 16.5” Super Water Blaster. This water blaster soaker set comes in 3 colors (orange, green, and red) and can shoot water up to 35 feet!

Sprinklers: A water toy for all to enjoy!

Remember those hot summer days running through the sprinkler for hours? Well, it’s still fun! Don’t take our word for it, try one of our sprinkler water toys for yourself! All of our inflatable and tube sprinklers can be set up in a flash. Simply hook up the sprinkler to a garden/lawn hose, and BLAST! Instant water playground! 

Inflatable Sprinklers

  • Make your lawn a magical wonderland with our SLOOSH – 6.3 ft. Unicorn Sprinkler and bask in the water coming from the horn. Sprinkler stands at 5ft tall, which is perfect for little ones, big kids, and adults! 
  • Upgrade your standard lawn sprinkler to this adorable elephant making a splash! The SLOOSH – Elephant Yard Sprinkler, 48” is kid friendly and made of high-quality material. Easily fill the water-weighted base to secure the in place and inflate!

Tube sprinklers

  • This cute SLOOSH – Ladybug Jiggle Tube Sprinkler has 6 colorful tubes and a spinning top that spins, sprays, and spouts water in all different directions, which is an absolute blast for little ones.

Water Slides: The ultimate water toy accessory

Finally, to make your personalized ‘water park’ complete, you have to have a water slide, right? Well you’re in luck, because we have an awesome selection of single or double-person slides that will amp up the fun.

Single slide

  • Check out our SLOOSH – Water Slip and Slide with Body Board. This lawn water slide includes a sliding body board that both kids and adults can use! Just connect the slide to a water hose, then launch at high speed and get soaked!
  • There’s the old saying: ‘You can’t make a crab walk straight,” but luckily with the SLOOSH – Lawn Water Slide with Board (Crab), we can slide straight…into fun! 

Double up on the fun with a water slide for two!

To serve up some healthy water slide competition (but safely!) Check out our Double Slides:   

  • With the SLOOSH – Sport Lawn Water Slides with 2 Boards, simply attach the water slide inflatable to a hose and you’re ready to go. Perfect water toy for any hot day. 

Kiddie Pools

Parents, have your camera ready to capture all the cuteness that happens when your child experiences their very own play pool! Plus, play pools are a great way for little ones to explore their surroundings!

Water Mat

  • Take a bite out of this sweet deal. Our SLOOSH – Donut Sprinkler Mat is 5 feet wide with plenty of space for friends and pets to play and get soaked!
Water toy, splash pad, sprinkler
  • Our uniquely designed SLOOSH – Mermaid Sprinkler Mat (Pink) is the perfect fountain-like entertainment for a party, or just playing solo in the yard. Connect to a regular garden hose and adjust the water pressure to a lower or higher spray height!

Wow! We can just see your backyard now! Your kiddos squealing in delight as they play all afternoon with the splashy goodies you set up for them. You’ll be Mom Of The Year! Not only do summer water days provide hours of entertainment, but they also create fun memories that will last a lifetime. Until next time! 

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