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Whether it’s a garden gnome, pink flamingo, or hummingbird feeder, we offer a plethora of outdoor decor to decorate your lawn.

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Since the time of cavemen, people have been decorating their abodes in clever and inventive ways. From flowers to lights to candles to lawn ornaments outdoor decor has taken on many forms. Our selection is no different! We offer various outdoor decorations to beautify your front and back yards!

How to decorate front yard?

There are many different front yard decor ideas. And these aren’t just limited to the holiday or season. For all the other days of the year that aren’t a holiday, and you want to decorate your lawn or house we have you covered! We have a plethora of different front yard lights decor that make will make your front yard shine for any occasion. Our American flag net lights, for example, are good not only for the 4th of July but any day! Because any day is a good day to be patriotic! Additionally, our Welcome Board Gnome light is an LED-lit gnome that is humorous and will fit in on any day, special or ordinary. 

 Back yard decorating

Back yard decorating is essential! From barbeques to birthday parties to your everyday lounging there are many reasons to have a well-maintained and decorated backyard. And for all those average days when you want your backyard to look good, we have you covered! Our sunflower yard ornament is not only a sunny outdoor decoration but also a bird feeder. Now you can decorate your lawn and promote your backyard’s ecosystem! Additionally, for something a bit more exotic check out our pair of mini pink flamingo ornaments. These vibrant pink, plastic birds may be only 17 inches high but they pack a wowing punch. Subsequently, they will give any backyard the tropical touch of Florida. Even in a snowstorm!