Coloring & Painting Kits

From building your models to rock painting kits, we offer a wide array of paint kits that will bring out the little artist in any kid!

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Kids are naturally drawn to coloring things. From the moment they can hold a pen or marker, they’re coloring something. Unfortunately, sometimes these are the house walls. Not to worry we have created many different painting kits that will not only keep the color off the wall but develop your child’s imagination and creativity at the same time.

Color kit

There are many different mediums a child can incorporate into their overall color kit. From colored pencils to diamond painting kits to even magnetic paint there are no limits to what a child can utilize. We have many different selections to choose from that will help bring out the little Picasso in every child.

Colored pencils

Our colored pencils are some of the best art tools a child can have. This 36-piece set comes with 36 colors so kids will be able to explore different color combinations outside of the primary color basics.

Diamond painting kits

For kids who love gems, animals, and painting this is the kit for them! Besides dot gems, this diamond painting kit comes with holographic stickers, suncatchers, keychains, and much more. Your kids will be able to create vibrant and sparkly keychains for their backpacks or notebook decor!

Magnetic paint

Our magnetic paint kit is not only an excellent way for kids to practice painting and color combinations, but they get to make a beautiful magnet at the same time. This set comes with 12 wooden animal magnets that will bring out their motor skills and creativity!

Washable paint

Kids love to paint, and you most likely want them to. What you don’t like though is the giant mess painting can sometimes create. With this set that will never be a worry again! Our washable paint kits come in 12 different colors and are a great way for kids to explore the artist within without the mess.

Rock painting kit

For kids that love to paint on anything we have this excellent rock painting kit. This set includes 12 different rocks, 12 paints, 6 metallic paints, and glitter glue. With this set, it’ll be easy to convince your little ones to paint on these rocks instead of the living room walls!