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From roaring T-rexes to titanic tanks, look no further for action figure toys and playsets!

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Whether dad wants to chase the kids around the house with an inflatable T-rex. Or the kids want to fight back with their fleet of military transport trucks and airplanes, or other action figure toys,  family playtime will never be the same!

Cool toys for boys 

There are many cool toys for boys that are not only a blast to play with but educational too! Kids can play with a roaring T-rex and learn about the Jurassic Period simultaneously. Or how about flying a transport helicopter to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Fire truck toy 

Another great idea of action figure toys will be fire truck toysFire truck toys are the perfect vehicles for children to not only live out their hero fantasies of rescuing people from burning buildings but also great way to learn about fire safety and trucks at the same time.

The fire truck toy such as the RC Fire Rescue Truck Toy Set is remote-controlled and lights up with real fire truck sounds.  It also has 8 different plastic firefighter figurines that fit nicely in the truck and an extendable ladder!

Toy garbage trucks 

Your kids might not like picking up their rooms but they sure will like taking out the trash with our toy garbage truck. Our toy garbage truck is interactive- front, side, and back loading. Along with turning throwing out the trash into a fun activity kids will also learn the difference between different types of trash as our set comes with a dumpster container and Recyclable, Trash, and Food Scraps bins. 

Toy planes 

If your kids prefer wings over wheels we have an excellent selection of toy planes. Maybe they are so into planes that they’re jumping off the sofa in an attempt to take off. Though cute it can be hazardous! Keep them in their seats and out of the air by choosing from any of our toy airplane sets.