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 Halloween Inflatables are great for any home or party. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

From scary creatures to sweet treats, we have everything you need to create the perfect party atmosphere. Our team of experienced professionals will help you find exactly what you need for your next celebration! 

If you are planning on decorating for Halloween this year, consider some of these blow up Halloween decorations that will add to the fun of this spooky holiday!We offer a variety of options including: Halloween inflatable pumpkin, Halloween inflatable spider, Halloween inflatable dragon, Halloween inflatable archway, and more!

You might think about include them in your collection of decorations, but you undoubtedly also have some concerns. How can I maintain inflatables upright to keep the yard looking perfect, you ask? Some people are worried about cleaning inflatable decorations and other electronic decorations may cause some safety issues.Your other concern might be whether inflatables can get wet since it can rain around Halloween. So, no need to worry! We’ll address any of your concerns with inflatable Halloween decorations and offer suggestions to make your yard as spooky as possible! Check out details in our halloween inflatables guide today!

How to keep inflatable decorations standing?

Inflatable decorations include string and yard stakes to anchor them to the ground. These stakes keep the inflatable stable and upright. Before you do that, inflate your decoration with the fan—this will help you position the stakes correctly. Pull the strings as tight as you can and drive the stakes into the ground. Check that everything is in place, and you’re ready to frighten and delight the neighbors! Keep an eye on them and adjust them if the weather turns bad.

Can inflatable Halloween decorations get wet?

They certainly can! Inflatables are made of weather-resistant fabric, so they are resistant to rain. Most of the time, the fan is water resistant, but do not submerge it for an extended period of time. They’ll work perfectly as long as you keep them out of puddles so the fan doesn’t get flooded.

The mud kicked up by the rain may cause your inflatable to become dirty (thanks, rain). It’s now time to clean your inflatable! “How should I clean it?” you may wonder. Don’t worry, we can also answer that!

Can you leave Halloween inflatable decorations on all day?

We recommend that you leave your Halloween inflatable decor on for 8-10 hours at a time and then turn it off. This ensures that the electric components continue to perform optimally for many years to come. The best time to wear them is at night to get into the Halloween spirit!

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about inflatable decorations, you’re ready to spook up your yard with some of your own! But which inflatable halloween decorations are best for you? Is it cute or scary? Large or small? There are so many options available! Don’t be alarmed, spooks and ghouls! Find out which ones are best for you by reading on!

Top 2022 Halloween Inflatables

There are many different types of Halloween inflatables that you can choose from including ghosts Halloween blow ups, ghouls and pumpkins, witches hats, spider rings, and witches brooms Halloween blow ups. Each of these items comes in different colors so you can match them to whatever color scheme you have chosen for your party or event.

There are many different outdoor inflatable halloween decorations, but these stand out above the others. All of your friends and neighbors will be talking about these unique and creative Halloween decorations.

Halloween blow ups for window

A relatively new concept for blow up halloween decorations is window decorations. With all the ghouls and ghasts it attracts, your home will astound the neighborhood! That’s frightening: witches breaking into your house and ghosts spilling out of the windows! A haunted house wouldn’t be the same without spirits, right? This inflatable ghost window breaker, which is 3.5 feet tall, will undoubtedly shatter the mold (without actually breaking your window, of course). Furthermore, sticking it to the window is really simple, check out details here.

Halloween Inflatable Ghost

This ghost comes in two sizes and has an optional light feature that makes him glow in the dark! You can also choose from two different colors for your ghost: white or black. The Halloween inflatable ghost is easy to set up and move around, making it perfect for outdoor parties or indoor decorations as well!

Halloween Inflatable Skeleton

This skeleton is scary looking but fun at the same time! It features an open mouth with sharp teeth, red eyes, and long arms that stretch out when inflated. This inflatable decoration comes with a stake so you can stick him to the ground or leave him standing up like he’s climbing out of his grave! The inflatable skeleton is great for outdoor Halloween decorations or indoor decorations. It’s also easy to set up and move around, making it perfect for parties or haunted houses!

Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin

This festive halloween inflatables pumpkin will brighten up any lawn or front porch! This 6′ tall pumpkin is for both indoors or outdoor and comes with a built-in fan which allows it to stay inflated for up to two weeks!

Halloween Inflatable Spider

First of all, this creepy spider is sure to frighten even the bravest of trick-or-treaters! Standing at 4 feet tall, this spider has been designed with safety in mind. So that no sharp edges or points on his body will hurt anyone who comes too close. This inflatable can also be used as a photo op for those who want to get their picture taken next to him!

Halloween Inflatable Dragon

Additionally, Halloween inflatable dragon is a great decoration for Halloween parties. It can be used in the front yard or inside your house. This inflatable dragon comes in many different sizes and shapes to fit each individual need. The Halloween inflatable dragon is made of the durable vinyl material that won’t break easily. It can withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions with ease. The inflatable dragon is easy to set up and take down as well as store when not in use.

Halloween Inflatable Archway

Moreover, Halloween inflatable archway is perfect for decorating your front porch or entrance way for your Halloween party. It’s a great addition to any home décor, especially if you want to add some color to your living room or dining room. This decorative archway comes in many different colors like blue, purple and orange. So you can choose the one that best suits your taste or theme!

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Wizard

Inflatable Pumpkin Wizard is an easy way to create a fun atmosphere at your party. This Halloween inflatable is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. It is easy to set up and take down making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use making it perfect for different occasions. . It has a built-in fan for continuous airflow which helps maintain the inflation of this product. This inflatable can be used as a decoration or as a toy for kids! This item comes in many sizes so you can choose the best one that fits your needs!

Halloween Inflatable Dragon

The Tall Hanging Flying Dragon Inflatable is an awesome decoration that will make your party stand out! This inflatable dragon has a wingspan of approximately 5 feet, and it comes with extended cords, stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags, and a plug with UL certification. The dragon can be used as a stand-alone decoration or you can use it in conjunction with other inflatable Halloween decorations to create a larger scene. This is a great way to make your party the talk of the town!

Blow up Scary Tree Bites Pumpkin

Blow up Scary Tree Bites Pumpkin light up in the evening for the best attraction to neighbors and guests. Perfect for Halloween outdoor yard garden decorations, trick or treat event decorations, Halloween night events, and more. The tree bites pumpkins come with a battery-powered LED light inside it that turns on when you press the button at its base. The lights are bright enough to see even in the dark. The battery can be replaced easily when needed.

Halloween Skeleton Dinosaur Inflatable

This Halloween blow ups skeleton dinosaur is a great addition to any Halloween party or haunted house! It measures approximately 10 feet tall when inflated and comes with a built-in fan for easy inflation/deflation. The skeleton has two holes for stringing up lights if desired (not included). It’s made from PVC plastic so it’s durable enough to withstand heavy use from kids as well as adults! This inflatable dinosaur looks great decorated on its own or paired with other Halloween blow ups.

Cute Halloween Decorations

Cute Halloween decorations are a great way to get kids into the holiday spirit without frightening them. The candy basket ghost, standing 5 feet tall, is a fun interactive way to greet your trick-or-treaters! Fill his basket with candy and let the kids run up to get their favorites! He loves to give out candy and smiles to everyone he meets. Kids adore cute cats, and what could be cuter than a cute cat wearing a witch hat? The 5 foot tall cute witch cat will greet your visitors! With her big sparkly eyes, she’ll make your guests go “aww.” Who can say no to that expression?

Perhaps you’d prefer something to make you laugh this Halloween. The 5 foot tall ghost carrying a massive candy bag will undoubtedly make you laugh. He may have taken too much candy from the ghost’s candy basket. Someone should tell him he needs to share! We also have the adorable inflatable ghost, who is ready to greet everyone with a big smile! With his friendly face, this 5 foot tall cute halloween decoration will make everyone feel welcome. He’s cast a spell on our hearts, and he’ll do the same to yours.

Scary Halloween Decorations

For most people, the most appealing aspect of Halloween is spooky and scary. These scary halloween decorations will certainly do the trick! People are obsessed with T-Rex, so why not incorporate him into your Halloween decor? With the 6 ft tall jumbo skeleton dinosaur, you can transport your visitors to a creepy Jurassic Land. All who approach your home will be terrified by his sharp teeth and red eyes. The skeleton dragon inflatable, which continues the skeleton theme, will give guests the scare of their lives. This 8-foot-tall beast roars, his red eyes flashing, intimidating all who approach. Are you courageous enough to approach him? Take caution—not he’s afraid to bite!

Cheap halloween inflatables

Would you rather not spend hundreds of dollars on halloween decorations but still want your home to shine this season? Don’t be worried! These cheap halloween inflatables have arrived! These affordable halloween decorations will be just as effective as the more expensive ones. This 4 foot tall crashing witch inflatable will have your guests howling with laughter. However, it is not her fault that she crashed! How was she aware that the tree was over there? Her eerie glow emphasizes her humorous expression. Perhaps you prefer a more mysterious tree hugger? This spooky season, the 4 foot tall alien tree hugger will satisfy all of your paranormal needs. He’ll hug your trees, railings, or anything else! Just don’t let him hug anyone—he might bring them down.