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Kids Valentines Cards | Valentine Exchange Cards

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get creative with party favors, and kids valentines cards are the perfect one for your little one. Whether you’re throwing a big bash or just hosting a few friends, there are lots of cute ideas that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Here. we’ve got the scoop on the coolest, most fun valentines day card ideas for your little one! From building blocks to cosmic slime, pencil sharpeners to wind-up toys, we’ve got a lineup that’ll make kids’ valentine exchange cards a blast. find the perfect valentine’s day combos that go beyond the typical cards and spread smiles and giggles!

 Building Blocks and Kids Valentines  Cards Box

 Building Blocks and Kids Valentines  Cards Box

Unleash a roar of excitement with boxed valentine’s day cards! Each card is a gateway to a mini safari, featuring 24 delightful building blocks adorned with adorable animals. From cheeky monkeys to majestic lions, these valentines cards for school invite kids on a creative journey of construction and companionship. With these valentine card ideas; it’s a jungle of fun waiting to be explored!

 Classroom Valentines Cards with Cosmic Realm Slime

 Classroom Valentines Cards with Cosmic Realm Slime

Embark on a cosmic adventure with valentine’s day greeting cards set! These cards unveil a galaxy of gooey goodness, with 28 packs of slime ready to transport kids into a space-themed celebration. From glittering stars to swirling nebulae, each card turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, making kids’ valentine’s day message an interstellar delight. It’s not just a card swap; it’s a valentine’s gift into the cosmos of fun and excitement!

Pencil Sharpener with Valentines Day Cards

Pencil Sharpener with Vday Exchange Cards

Sharpen friendships with our delightful Pencil Sharpener and Valentines Day Exchange Cards duo! Each card doubles as a practical and fun gift, housing a cool pencil sharpener. It’s a sharp idea for sharing love in the classroom, combining utility with a touch of playfulness to make your Valentine’s Day exchange write-on-point. These cards aren’t just for words; they’re the best valentine’s day card ideas for crafting lasting memories and laughter with every pencil point.

Kids Valentines Cards and Wind Up Toy

Kids Valentines Cards and Wind Up Toy

Wind up the joy with our whimsical Wind-Up Toy and valentines day cards for school set! Each card conceals a delightful wind-up toy, bringing 28 moments of winding fun to your Valentine’s Day exchange. From racing cars to hopping critters, these cards add a playful twist to the celebration, ensuring laughter and excitement with every wind. With these Valentines card ideas; kids are about infusing the day with the magic of movement and joy.

Valentines Day Cards for School with Plush

Valentines Day Cards for School with Plush

Snuggle up to sweetness with our plush with valentines day cards for school! Each card reveals a lovable animal plush, creating 28 heartwarming moments of friendship. Beyond the words written on the cards, these plush companions become cuddly messengers of love, making your Valentine’s Day exchange extra special. It’s not just a card swap; it’s a hug in every plush, spreading warmth and affection.

Exchange Cards for Kids and Yielding Toys

Exchange Cards for Kids and Yielding Toys

Light up the love with our radiant yielding toys and cute valentine cards kids set! Each card introduces 28 glowing surprises, turning your Valentine’s Day exchange into a luminous celebration. From yielding delights to tactile treasures, these cards ensure a bright and memorable exchange that captivates the senses. It’s not just about cards; it’s about creating a glow-in-the-dark spectacle of joy and wonder for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience.

Kids Valentines Cards with Mini Sports Stress Balls

Kids Classroom Card with Stress Balls

Score big on friendship with our Valentines kids classroom cards and Gift Mini Sports Stress Balls set! These aren’t your average cards; they’re a slam dunk in fun for your Valentine’s Day exchange. With 28 mini stress balls featuring sports joy, from basketball bounces to soccer squishes, these cards add an extra layer of playful excitement to the celebration. It’s not just a card swap; it’s a winning match of sports and camaraderie.

Valentine Exchange Cards With Bug Toy

Valentine Exchange Cards With Bug Toy

Transform your little one’s Valentine’s Day exchange into a bug-filled adventure with our kids valentine exchange cards featuring bug toy sets. This isn’t just a card exchange; it’s a mini exploration into the wonders of nature. These cards bring a touch of curiosity, turning the celebration into a bug-themed discovery. It’s not merely about sharing cards; it’s about igniting the spirit of exploration and creating moments of fascination and fun.

Valentine's Day Cards for School With  Monster Truck

Classroom Exchange Cards With  Monster Truck

Rev up the excitement with our Valentines Cards Kids plus pull-back monster trucks! Say goodbye to ordinary card swaps; this exchange is a thrilling race of joy. These valentine cards kids bring speed and excitement, turning the celebration into a mini monster truck rally. It’s not just about sending greetings; it’s about unleashing the power of these mini trucks and creating heart-racing moments of friendship. All kids love it!

Valentines Cards Kids with Cute Key-chain

Valentines Greeting Cards Kids and Key-chain

Unlock happiness with our Valentine cards plus plush key buddies! Imagine the smiles as you share cards with cute plush keys, each featuring a different happy face. These valentines cards kids aren’t just about the keys; they’re about celebrating all the emotions friends bring. From big smiles to hearts in the eyes, let your exchange become a journey of happy connections, making every moment a plush-filled delight.

Valentines Cards for School with Unicorn Headbands

Valentines Cards for School with Unicorn Headbands

Step into a magical world with our cute valentines cards kids featuring unicorn headbands! Picture enchanted moments as you share cards with whimsical unicorns, each adorned with a charming headband. These valentines day greeting cards aren’t just about unicorns; they’re about celebrating the magic of friendship. From sparkly horns to flowing manes, let your exchange become a fantastical adventure, making every moment a unicorn-filled delight.

Valentine Exchange Cards with Keychain

Dinosaur Keychain Valentine Exchange Cards

Unlock the magic of friendship with our unicorn and dinosaur valentines cards for kids! These cards bring a touch of enchantment to your exchange, featuring keychains that come to life with unicorns and dinosaurs. It’s not just a card; it’s a magical addition to your celebration. Share these keychains, and let the magic of friendship unfold. It’s more than a card swap; it’s a journey into a world of wonder and connection.

What to write in Valentine day cards for kids?

You can write whatever you want in the valentine cards for kids. If your kid is older, you can use the opportunity to teach them about love and friendship by writing something like “You are my best friend,” or “You’re the best.”

Here are some things to note:

Keep it short and sweet. Kids don’t have a lot of time to read, so keep your message on the valentine’s day cards for kids simple and brief. If you want to add a little more, use stickers or draw a picture on the inside of the card instead of writing another paragraph (or two).

Use kid-friendly language. Avoid using any words on the valentines day cards for kids that you wouldn’t say in front of your child (no “butt” or “poop” jokes here). If you have trouble thinking up something original, try looking at some of their favorite books or TV shows and find out what they like best about them. Add something personal to it by telling them why they matter to you.

Make sure they know how much they mean to you by sending them a personalized valentine!

How to make kids valentine cards?

There are a lot of different ways to make Valentine’s day cards for kids with toys. One way to do it is to start with a box, and then pick out a toy that you can use for your card. You can use this as the background for your card. Or you can just decorate it with stickers or other things that you like. It’s also a good idea to have extra markers and crayons on hand. Why?  Because some kids might want to draw on their own cards.

You could also make Valentine day cards for school by using one of their favorite toys as the background. For example, if they like cars, then you could use an empty box from a car toy as your background. If they like animals, then you could make them an animal out of clay or paper mache and then display it in the middle of their bedroom wall so that they can look at it every day.

Another way that you can make kids valentine cards with toys is by making homemade playdough together with your kids and then letting them use cookie cutters to cut out shapes out of the playdough before putting them into their cards.

Show personality with Valentines cards for kids

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show off your child’s artistic skills. By creating your own personalized Valentine’s Day cards, you can make sure they reflect the personality of your child and any special friends they have.

Let your kids decorate their own cards with stickers, markers or crayons. Then you can print out the finished product on colorful card stock and give them to family members or friends.

Send your classmates best wishes in valentine cards for school

Send your classmates a card that reminds them that you love them and want to share this special day with them. The kids are going to love these colorful, fun and cute cards. You can chhose the valentine cards for school to send out to all of your classmates, teachers and parents. Check out our collection of kids valentines cards to find the perfect one for each person in your life!

When to send out Valentine’s day Cards for kids

The best time to send out Valentine’s Day cards depends on the type of card you want to send out. Basically, You can send one as early as January or February if you want, but if you don’t have any plans for the holiday yet, then send it out closer to February 14th (the actual date).

If you’re looking for personalized Valentine’s Day cards, it’s best to order them in advance so they can be mailed out before the holiday arrives. However, if you’re just looking for a generic card that can be purchased at any time, there is no need to rush the process.

Parent ideas about sending Valentine cards for kids

As a parent, If you are sending cute Valentines cards to multiple children in the same class, be sure to include their names. Include a short note of love from you as well as a list of things that you want to do together this year. If possible, attach some money or gift certificates for a special outing or activity. This will help remind them that they are loved and supported by their parents even when they are away from home!

If you have only one child in school and want to personalize the valentine exchange cards for him or her, try writing notes in the margins or on another piece of paper. In addition to signing your name at the bottom of the valentines exchange cards, include something fun like “I love you!” or “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

For the teacher who loves to laugh, a funny valentines exchange cards is the perfect gift. When you can’t get to the store to pick up a card, use one of these ideas to make your own.

Make your own valentines exchange cards for your child’s teacher using paper, stickers and markers. You could also decorate an old shoebox or shoe box lid with colored paper and paint if you don’t want to spend any money on supplies.

If you want to give something more substantial than just a valentine exchange cards, consider donating gift cards to their favorite restaurant or store instead.