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Pool toys are a huge part of summer fun, and many different types of pool games add fun and excitement to your family!

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Pool toys are a great way to keep your kids entertained while they’re in the pool. They can be fun, interactive, and educational too!

Best pool toys for kids

The best pool toys are easy to use and keep them entertained all summer long. Here are our top pick pool toys for kids.

Kids love to play basketball and volleyball. Our inflatable basketball and volleyball are great ways to get your kids outside to play. This pool toy is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around.

Inflatable Toss is a fun pool game to play water sports in your own backyard! These pool games come with inflatable balls and bats so you can get started right away! When it’s time to put everything away just deflate everything and put it back into the carrying case!

Diving Pool Toys Sets are fun pool games and are perfect for your little ones who want to play in the water. These pool toys can help your kid’s great exercises in coordination, physical activity, and creativity.

Where to buy inflatable pool toys?

Joyfy is the one-stop shop for all your inflatable pool toys needs. We have an extensive selection of high-quality products at affordable prices. You can choose any kiddie pool games you want to enjoy fast delivery and considerable after-sale service!

How to clean the pool toy?

The pool games for kids are used in the swimming pool, it is very convenient for us to play. But we must pay attention to its cleanliness and maintenance so that it can be used for a long time. How can we clean the pool toy? Let’s talk about it together!

Clean the pool toy with soap

First of all, let’s wash our hands with soap and water after touching the water toys. Then rinse online pool games with clean water and then dry them with a towel or paper towel. We should also pay attention not to put them in direct sunlight for long periods of time, because it will make the plastic material brittle and break easily. It is best to use low-temperature hot air drying methods after washing them up.

Use toothpaste to polish plastic toys

Plastic inflatable pool toys are generally not easy to absorb toothpaste stains when they have been stained by food or drinks. Therefore, before using toothpaste to polish plastic toys, we should first wipe off all the dust on their surface. Then rinse with clean water so that no dirt remains. After drying them well with a towel or paper towel, we can start polishing them.

How to store pool toys?

Find out how to store pool games and keep your kids happy during the summer months.

Pool games are easy to lose and hard to find. While they are easy to use, they can be difficult to store when not in use. The good news is that there are some great options for storing your small children’s pool toys.

One way to store pool toys is by using a large plastic container with a lid, such as a storage bin or storage tub.

Another option is using a plastic crate or basket that has handles on two sides so that you can carry it easily from one place to another when needed. These crates come in all sizes and shapes, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs perfectly.