Mardi Gras

No matter how many Mardi Gras parties you attend this year, we have accessories and garb for them all!

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What image does mardi gras parties conjure up for you? a large purple, green, and gold parade. bizarre costumes inspired by the Joker, bead-catching participants, and large floats. Large joker head floats are making their way along Bourbon Street while giggling. Regardless of how you spend this Mardi Gras, we have a wide variety of Mardi Gras party supplies and Mardi Gras party decorations to make this year the most colorful Mardi Gras yet!

Mardi gras theme party

You probably have a vague picture of what mardi gras parties look like. drunken partygoers staggering down the French quarter. Confetti in shades of purple and gold is showering slowly. and giant paper-mache jester and king heads. Even though these are fantastic photographs, you may be thinking, “How am I expected to recreate that? Particularly in my home’s living room? Contrary to popular belief, it’s simpler than you may imagine.

There are a few must-have pieces for decorating that may transform any Mardi Gras theme party into a scene from Bourbon Street.

How to throw a mardi gras party?

All you need to prepare to turn your party Mardi are balloons, masks, hats, and Mardi Gras bead necklaces. Of course, all these should be in the Mardi Gras gold, green, and purple. If all these accessories seem difficult to find worry not! We offer all these Mardi Gras accessories and more!

Mardi gras mask

Check out our Mardi Gras mask set to give your party the flowing river sensation of a Mardi Gras procession. These masks include flashing LEDs in addition to having purple, green, and gold feathers sticking out of them. Your entire party may begin marching after dusk. You all will feel like you’re in a parade, so it feels natural.

Mardi gras hats

Our Mardi Gras hats collection includes a trio of purple, gold, and green sequin-studded fedoras. Additionally, they include matching bowties. These may at first seem goofy, but imagine all the guests at your party sporting one of these dazzling fedoras. It would be a joyful wave covered in sequins. Their caps radiate happiness that matches their bright cheeks!

Mardi gras beads bulk

A set of 98 Mardi Gras beads bulk necklaces is available from us. So you won’t run out if you and your friends decide to fling them into the air! A total of 192 temporary tattoos are included in this package. Play games with them or use them as party treats. In any case, you may use this set to adorn the guests, who are your party’s most crucial component.