From flowers to traditional hanging, we have a bird feeder for all your feathered friends!

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In the US bird feeding dates back to the early 1800s. It was so important that eventually bird feeders were mass-produced. Then, the bird feeder pole and hanging bird feeders were introduced. They started as a great way to feed the flocks of hummingbirds and as decoration at the same time. Although bird feeders still fill both those essential functions they have evolved into an essential part of front or back yard decoration. We have an excellent selection of bird feeders that will make an excellent addition to any front or back yard!

What to feed a baby bird?

Have you ever wondered what to feed a baby bird? There are many different options when it comes to feeding a baby bird. Crickets, earthworms, or even cat food works well. However, if you do find a baby bird, the easiest way to feed it is on the ground with  bird feeders. Simply put  feeders on the ground or a flat surface next to the baby bird so it can reach it. After a while when the baby bird can walk and then fly you can gradually move the feeder to a higher level. Soon the baby will grow into a healthy feathery teen and be able to reach the feeder at normal heights

Squirrel-proof bird feeder

Squirrels love bird feeders almost as much as(if not more than) birds themselves. This is why it’s essential to make sure your bird feeder is a squirrelproof bird feeders. One sure way to make your feeder squirrel-proof is to hang it from a branch. Or also buy a feeder that is meant to hang. Our humming bird feeders is just this type of hanging bird water feeder. This set of 6 hummingbird feeders will keep the squirrels at bay and look very decorative with a yellow flower as part of the feeder itself.

Bird feeder stand

Not all bird feeders are meant to hang. Some are supported on stands that you stick in the ground such as our sunflower bird feeders. The great benefit of a bird feeder stand such as this one is that it prevents birdseed from falling to the ground. This standing bird feeders also extends to more than 51 inches. Therefore you’ll be able to adjust the height of the other plants in your garden. It’ll blend in!

Hanging bird feeder

For something completely different than the usual try our hanging bird feeders. Unlike traditional bird feeders, this one comes with three separate feeders all in one! There are also hooks to attach slices of fruit. Consequently, you’ll have a substantial feathery dinner party! In general hanging bird feeders bring in more birds. And with this hanging bird feeder with 3 feeding ports, you are sure to bring in the whole flock!